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Hey Tumblr, WTH Were You Thinking?

Bad guys try their level-best to impersonate legitimate services, so the last thing we need is a legitimate service impersonating the bad guys, but that is EXACTLY what Tumblr did.

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DROWNing in OpenSSL vulnerabilities

Another OpenSSL exploit is rearing its ugly head. This one is called DROWN and it affects web servers that rely on SSLv2 to secure HTTP communications.

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Happy internet day!

Countdown with us the top 31 things that existed before the Internet, but today depend upon Internet technologies, even if it’s not really obvious that they do.

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61 network security twitter feeds to follow

Information security pros abound on Twitter. While not all of their tweets may be 100% focused on InfoSec, we’ve picked 61 network security Twitter feeds we think are worth following.

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Improving productivity with Internet monitoring software

In an ideal world you’d like to find an easy way to manage and monitor access to the Internet so that you are efficiently using bandwidth, maintaining productivity and keeping employees happy. It’s possible with Internet monitoring software. In this post we explain how.

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On the beat: The Snowden effect?

You be the judge: Coincidence or something more? The highest court in the European Union (EU) ruled the Data Retention Directive “invalid” on the basis that it interfered with citizens’ right to privacy. Under the law, which was adopted in 2006, telecoms companies in the 28-nation EU had to retain users’ data for up to […]

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Introducing… On the beat

Welcome to GFI’s new series for TalkTechToMe. Each Friday, “On the beat” will highlight key current stories from the world of technology. Gadgets, trends, product reviews and anything else that’s making news – it’s all fair game.

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Hear! Hear! Tips from THE IT Security Experts

We all have our take on IT security, and if you’re reading this post it means you want to hear more. So do we, that’s why we have reached out to some well-known IT experts in the security blogosphere and asked them to share some invaluable tips with our readers. Let us know what you […]

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