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How to get the most out of Resource Monitor in Windows 10

With Windows 10 growing in popularity and programs continuing to want more and more RAM, knowing more about Resource Monitor and how to use it can prove to be a very valuable skill for any sysadmin at work or Power User at home.

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A Closer Look at Hybrid Exchange Deployment

A Hybrid Exchange deployment consists of an on-premise Exchange Server installation working together with Exchange Online, which is also known as coexistence. As we know, Exchange Online is Microsoft’s hosted Exchange service for small businesses and enterprises, and is typically acquired as a bundle as part of the company’s Office 365 cloud offering. In this […]

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Preparing for Exchange 2013

The Exchange Server 2013 Preview was released to the public in July, with the final version expected to ship early 2013. Three years in the making, this upcoming new version of Exchange Server incorporates a great many changes, tweaks and improvements made by a large team of engineers. In this post I shall highlight four […]

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The Case for a Multi-Role Exchange Deployment

Exchange Server has multiple roles, namely the Edge Transport, Client Access, Hub Transport, Mailbox server and Unified Messaging roles. For a large enterprise, the presence of these server roles makes it possible to design deployment scenarios for greater redundancy and load-balancing that can span offices or even geographical regions. Organizations that do not require the […]

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How to Use PowerShell to Supercharge Your Exchange Server

You’re probably already aware of how you can achieve greater levels of productivity and automation using PowerShell. To be clear though, PowerShell is not so much created for managing Exchange Server as a powerful task automation framework consisting of a command-line shell and an associated scripting language that is integrated with the .NET Framework. PowerShell […]

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A Deeper Look at Spam and Malware Filtering with Exchange Server

There are various spam filtering tools at an Exchange admin’s disposal. How can these be used to leverage Exchange itself? What other solutions are there to defend against spam and malware? Read on.

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Integrating Exchange Server in a Non-Windows Environment

Using Exchange Server in a non-Windows enterprise environment can be a tricky, yet unavoidable situation for some organizations.  In this post I will highlight some of the best methods you can apply to integrate Exchange Server in a non-Windows environment.

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Exchange Server 2010 Scalability Techniques

As your organization grows, so do mailboxes and, with them, storage requirements. You will therefore need to make some scalability tweaks and design considerations in accordance with this growth. In this post I shall outline the best Exchange Server 2010 scalability methods any Exchange admin should consider.

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