J003-Content-10-step-action-plan-for-the-ultimate-email-protection_SQThe importance of email in business is a given. Every day more than a hundred billion emails are sent out and on an average day, you will probably send hundreds of emails between business and personal accounts. But, for every legitimate email sent, another seven are classified as spam or unwanted emails.

Spam is a headache and, to a certain extent, so is bacon – it clogs servers, it wastes productive time and spam is also known to be one of the attack vectors hackers use in their breaches. The 2013 Microsoft Security Report published data shows that 7% of emails blocked by Exchange Online Protection Filters was Malware, 4% of the traffic was classified as Phishing.

There are many steps to take to fight email threats. In the 10-step action plan for the ultimate email protection free ebook, we talk about the best way to secure your systems and your users. Below are the 10 steps, but don’t forget to download the ebook for more in-depth information.

Demand passwords

Users need complex passwords that are changed regularly, however, make sure that your complexity notch isn’t cranked to quantum mechanics levels as this will frustrate your users and even push them to write it down and sticking it under their keyboard.

Stop data leakage with content filtering

There are three types of data leakage: inadvertent, on purpose by the end user and on purpose by a hacker. A solid email security solution will give you the ability to filter key phrases such as credit card or social security numbers.

Stop spam before it really stinks

Spam is a headache, we established that but it can also be a real danger to business because it wastes employees’ time, it wastes bandwidth and infrastructure resources and it costs money to get rid of it.

Stop breaches with content filtering

Many think that the real security threat is out there but from recent studies, we learned that your next security threat might just be the next office over.

Make malware go away

Sometimes emails carry infections and other threats. The easiest way to stop your users clicking on malicious links is not to serve them those malicious links in the first place.

Block breaches

Email is still the most popular wait to launch a social attack and social engineering techniques are getting more sophisticated with time.

Consider compliance

Certain companies have compliance regulations which are not just a guideline but a mandate.

Training and best practices

Here at GFI, we sing the praises of cybersecurity awareness for employees. It adds an extra layer of protection and might save you a few headaches in the long run.

Fight phishing

Recent studies point to a 90% increase with almost 40 million users being hit by phishing in a year. It is important to protect your company from potential phishing emails but it is also important to train your users to be able to recognize such emails.

Implement defense in depth

One tier security is simply not doable today so you need integrated tools which work hand in hand to protect your systems and user from all forms of intrusion and data leakage.

These few points are just the tip of the iceberg and the free ebook will provide you with in-depth information about all the steps you need to take to protect your email servers. With more than 20 pages filled with information about how you can protect their servers and their users, the 10-step action plan for the ultimate email protection is the perfect companion for any sysadmin. The ebook also includes a page filled with training tips and tricks for your users. Click here to download the full ebook version for free.

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