J003-Content-10-ways-to-prevent-Ransomware-headaches_SQJudging by the news about numerous companies being hit by ransomware during previous weeks and months, this is a major threat which is here to stay.

One of the most effective ways to fight this cyber-menace is education, and that’s why we’ve prepared an infographic, with 10 of the most efficient ways for battling against ransomware in your organization.

This infographic contains preventive measures and advice but also lists other things which your business needs to have in place, just in case this pesky malware makes its way into your organization.

If you find this infographic useful, share it with your colleagues, employees, and friends, and help spread the word on how to keep people and businesses away from the dangers of ransomware.


If you like our infographic, and you’d like to download it and share it yourself, or even print it and post it on your bulletin board, you can download it in print quality and high resolution using this link.

We’ve prepared a version of this infographic in German; you can download it here

Also, we’ve prepared a version of this infographic in French; you can download it here

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