Lego heartValentine’s Day is round the corner – have you bought your sweetheart a gift yet? Don’t worry if not; we’re here to help!

Here at TalkTechToMe, we’ve often focused on ideal gifts for sys admins. This time, we’ve decided to help you get the right Valentine’s Day present for the significant other in your life – one that makes sense to you, while also being meaningful to your loved one.

1. Drone

Forget IM, email or snail mail for your love note this year. Instead, send it by drone – as a gift tag. And because a drone is made to be shared, it’s a total win-win.

2. Techno pet

Few can argue that puppies are right up there on the cuteness scale. Yet, it’s not a good idea to gift an animal as a surprise, no matter how adorable. So how about this little tech pet, this stylish aquabot, or – if you really want to push the boat out – this awesome robo-dog?

3. Wildlife sponsorship

Nothing creates a warm fuzzy like supporting a good cause. A symbolic adoption from the WWF, International Animal Rescue, or the Oceanic Society, makes a tender, loving gift while helping protect the species of your choice.

4. Coffee machine for two

These sleek duo coffee makers  from the likes of DeLonghi and Morphy Richards hit both the practicality and romantic stakes in one go.

5. Giant, ultra HD TV

Seeking a fantastic dream gift that both of you can enjoy time and again? Look no further than Vizio’s mega, ultra HD TV: Wow!

6. Xbox One

And the same goes for the wonderful Xbox One, guaranteed to ignite the imagination of the child in each one of us.

7. Matching loungewear

If you’d prefer something less extravagant, celebrate your status as a couple with these cozy Jedi or Sith bath robes  or a comfy Star Trek pajama set.

8. GoPro

The GoPro range of miniature, high-quality cameras is truly nifty. Easy to carry around with you wherever you go, it is just the thing to capture those special moments in life.

9. Sports GPS

Whether your loved one is into running, cycling, skiing or trekking, they’ll enjoy one of these sports-oriented sat nav systems.

10. Lego

As long as you are sure this will be a bonding experience rather than a frustrating one, treat your sweetheart to a trip down memory lane with a Lego set that you can build together. Be sure to pick a theme that appeals to your better half; this is a gift, after all.

11. Dinner for two

Dinner at a fancy restaurant is a traditional way of celebrating Valentine’s Day, but if you prefer to stay indoors, then prepare a lovingly cooked meal using recipes specially made for two from Food Network or BBC Good Food.

12. Seriously cool kitchen tools

OK, this one’s another take on dinner – but with a twist. First of all, you make dinner together and secondly, you do so using these unusual, must-have implements:

13. Chocolates

And still more food (is it just me?). If you want to keep it simple, then Hershey’s Kisses, Perugina’s Baci or customized M&M’s are great. For something a little more quirky, opt for a chocolate pizza or stiletto instead. Yum!

14. Say it with flowers

Virtual flowers might seem like a good idea, but don’t do it. Trust us on this! Order a bouquet or exotic plant from a reputable vendor, but think about logistics. For example, would your darling enjoy receiving a floral surprise at work, or would a home delivery be better?

15. Propeller beanies

Your honey mightn’t fall in love with these matching propeller beanies but if he or she accepts to wear this on a date, you’ve got it made: that’s a sure sign of true love and devotion!

Here’s hoping you enjoy a lovely Valentine’s Day!

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