180 Solutions CEO Keith Smith talks about people like us.

The bottom line here is that scanning applications have every right to tell the user exactly what is on their computer and to delete any program that the user chooses, so long as the scanning application provides clear and accurate explanations of what the programs in question actually are and do. Given the fact that some scanning applications will continue to create their own criteria (which some will share and some will keep a mystery) and refuse to engage in meaningful, substantive business discussions about that criteria, as a last resort downloadable applications may be forced to go to court to protect their brands. A legitimate industry standard for best practices is the only answer that can equitably solve this issue. As we all know, it’s close to impossible to get an entire industry to agree on general principles, but until this happens and it is adopted universally, the fight between downloadable programs and scanning applications will rage on.

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Just another opportunity for us to revisit 180Solutions in 365 Days.

Alex Eckelberry
(Thanks Suzi)

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