I’ll do it my way… a user’s perspective

Thou shalt not… says the IT department! Another commandment, policy or order.  Really, don’t people in IT have anything better to do than impose, impose and impose? New Year resolutions… seen through the eyes of an end-user.

  1. I shall… continue to ignore the security policies and do my utmost to bypass them. They are just a waste of time. How can I be expected to do my job properly with so many restrictions in place? It’s my computer (I do spend eight hours every day using it) and I’ll do as I please.
  2. I shall… continue to use a password that I can remember and not some complicated and lengthy password that doesn’t make sense. What’s easier than my date of birth or the name of the one that I love? What’s the fuss: who knows my birthday or my mother’s maiden surname, anyway?
  3. I shall… make use of post it notes stuck to my monitor or laptop to remind me what my passwords are just in case a complex password is imposed by IT – and to show them that I AM adhering to their security policies.
  4. I shall… browse to my heart’s content when I am at work. How else can I keep tabs on what my friends on Facebook are doing, the latest news from the world of fashion, sports, motoring and cooking? There’s nothing wrong with taking a 15 minute break every so often… isn’t that what HR recommends for those of us obliged to stare at a screen all day?
  5. I shall… make the most of our company’s bandwidth and download music and movies from the Internet. There are some great sites out there and I always manage to find the latest releases well in advance. We’re told to be careful what we download but I really don’t understand why it’s such a big issue.
  6. I shall… copy any documents that I need to work on to my USB memory stick and back them up on my smart phone. There’s no risk anyway. Who is going to read them anyway? It’s not that I lose stuff that easily, leave it in the pub or on the back seat of a taxi. And forget encryption. What am I going to do if I forget the ultra long password? Throw it away?
  7. I shall… keep a copy of every document that I work on and a few others that may come in handy should I be made an honorable ex-employee. The company’s not doing too well from what I can see, so a few key documents will do me good if I need to look for a new job. Those customer lists are worth their weight in gold. No one will ever notice.
  8. I shall… treat every email as important, especially those that offer some free software or copies of the latest movies for downloaded. I’m not bothered with those Nigerian scams but there are some really cool news sites that send me links via email. Nothing ever happened although I’ve noticed a few odd pops every now and then (not for fainthearted, I must add). Who cares… no one checks my machine!
  9. I shall… help the IT helpdesk whenever they call me when something goes wrong. They’re always calling to check my username and password. Hopefully, they’ll stop calling me at home in 2011… how do they know that my home machine may be compromised by malware?
  10. I shall… do my utmost to adhere to the above resolutions.

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