Killing time should be a piece of cake with all the Internet has to offer – really, it’s inconceivable that you might be at a loss for something to do. That does not mean watching cat videos or playing flash games (that is, unless it’s your thing). If you’re a SysAdmin, or simply a tech enthusiast, with a mind that’s hungry for geeky awesomeness, you should check out one of these 23 YouTube channels!

There is something for everyone here; whether you are looking to sharpen your tech skills, check out new hardware, expand your horizons, or just learn more about the world outside. So if you ever find yourself stuck on the train, in your doctor’s waiting room, forgetting to do call-ahead seating, or you just need a little time to unwind while at work, take a smart break. Remember, these channels are all technology-focused in nature, so you’re not wasting time – you’re learning new skills!

1. The Institute of Physics

The latest videos from the Institute of Physics in the United Kingdom include almost 150 videos covering the range from Physics n00b to raging fanboy. Their motto is For physics, for physicists, for all and there’s plenty for anyone with even a passing interest in Physics.


2. NerdHelpDesk’s Channel

NHD covers all sorts of topics from console modifications to reviews on the latest technology. With over 370 videos, site owner, Jory Caron stays busy looking at trends, new hardware and with providing commentary.


3. The Official Xbox Channel

The busiest of the Microsoft channels, it’s also the one that brings you the latest on games and new accessories for the Xbox console.


4. Smithsonian Videos

From the Smithsonian Institute, this channel offers videos on art, design, history, culture, science and technology. There’s more to the world than just tech, and this is a great channel for those looking for more than just geekdom.


5. The Science Channel

The funny thing about the Science Channel is that it is becoming what SyFy used to be; the best science fiction television channel on cable TV. Their YouTube site covers science, technology and also has previews and extras from the great sci-fi shows they carry.


6. Tested

If you like MythBusters, you’re going to love’s YouTube channel. Adam and Jamie get to indulge themselves a bit more on the Internet than they do on cable, but their combination of snarky humor and awesome tech shine just as much on YouTube.


7. UCBerkeley

The University of California at Berkeley has a well-deserved reputation for being one of the best universities in the United States, and their YouTube channel has thousands of videos on both hard and soft sciences, and much more. Spending a year on their YouTube channel may just be the Internet’s equivalent of reading the Harvard Classics.


8. CNet

CNet’s YouTube channel has all the tech news, hardware reviews and first look at the great gadgets and new systems hitting the market. If you want to know what’s new and hot, CNet’s YouTube channel is the go-to place.


9. TechCrunch

The TechCrunch channel includes news coverage, videos on new startups and hot trends, and first looks at new hardware about to hit the market. It’s another great site to discover the next big thing.


10. The Gadget Show

One of England’s many great television shows makes the transition to the Internet, making it available worldwide. Jason and Pollyanna do tech news, hardware reviews and more. Think Top Gear, but for geeks, and you’ve got the right idea.


11. Engadget

Engadget’s YouTube channel gets into all kinds of tech – not just the PC and gaming kind, but also the really big kind, like an-inside-look-into-the-Space-Shuttle kind. There are lots of “hands-on” type videos to keep you informed on the latest technology too.


12. MIT TechTV

Another of the leading universities, MIT, has a great YouTube channel full of lectures, interviews, keynotes and other presentations on a wealth of topics, from new developments in chemistry to the latest findings on dinosaurs.


13. NASA Technology

Every SysAdmin likes space and there’s no better YouTube channel to learn about it than NASA’s own.


14. Scobleizer

Robert Scoble’s YouTube channel documents his search for the latest and best technologies on the planet across a variety of fields. What makes this channel unique is how thoroughly he tackles all topics. Short videos here are 20 minutes long and worth every minute.


15. TEDTalks

Where can you see the leading minds of our planet talk about the things that matter? The TEDTalks YouTube channel posts a new video every day and is definitely one worthy of subscribing to.


16. O’Reilly Media

O’Reilly is the name in tech book publishing and they bring even more great technology content to their YouTube channel with interviews, presentations and how-to videos.


17. Lifehacker

Tips and tricks for everything from computers to home improvement to reprogramming your mind. Lifehacker also features great reviews, tech news and how-to videos.


18. TechWebTV

TechWebTV covers news, information and commentary on technology from the editors, journalists and bloggers at Information Week. It’s more of a hard news channel than most on this list, but sometimes that is just what you need. Journalism that leaves it to you to form your own opinion.


19. Tekzilla

Geek out with new technology products, tips and tricks, HDTV reviews and much more. If you remember the Screensavers and other great television shows from ZDTV/TechTV, then this is the channel for you.


20. TWiT Netcast Network

Another great channel from another Screensavers alum, TWiT covers tech news and other topics of interest to SysAdmins and IT enthusiasts.


21. GeekBeat TV

With coverage on breaking tech, the latest gadgets and other geek news, Cali Lewis brings a refreshing point-of-view to the geek scene.


22. Soldier Knows Best

No, it’s not a mercenaries channel; this channel covers the latest news, reviews and demos of the best tech hardware, software and everything else.


23. The Motherboard HomeWorld

Unboxings, reviews and performance testing of the latest PC hardware and their peripherals. This channel also has monthly hardware giveaways which is a nice touch.


Knowledge is power and with this list of cool channels at hand you’re going to be broadening your horizon as soon as you have some free time. If you know of any other awesome channels that should have made it to this list, share them with us!

Oh, and don’t forget to check our GFI Software™ YouTube channel, for the latest tips on how to tackle your daily IT issues!


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