Exinda Management Center provides a centralized view of all your Exinda appliances with unified visibility and correlated management of both your cloud applications and network infrastructure. With EMC you can easily deploy policies or upgrade appliances with a push of a button. In this blog, we’ll give you the simple steps on how to upgrade your Exinda appliances from EMC.

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In our example, we will show an upgrade for 2 appliances. If you were to picture upgrading dozens or hundreds of appliances individually, you could save several hours by doing the upgrade on EMC.

Step 1: Login to your EMC



Step 2: In the summary for the system, you can see that there are 2 appliances online in this tenant. You can select ‘Appliances’ on the left to view more detail about your appliances.


Step 3: You can now select the each of the appliances that you want to upgrade and then select ‘Upgrade firmware’ to begin the upgrade process.


Step 4: Select the version of Exinda that you want to upgrade to, along with the time you want to upgrade them – either immediately or scheduled for a later date and time.


Step 5: The final step is to verify that the settings are correct and the right appliances have been selected to upgrade. If you’re satisfied with the settings, click ‘Upgrade firmware’ to begin your upgrade.


Done! Your appliances will upgrade in the background and you’ll see the firmware number change on the appliance list when the upgrade is done.

See? Wasn’t that simple!


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