Network-Security-Twitter-Feeds-to-Follow_SQTwitter is one of the most dominant social networks on the Internet and part of its success lies in the fact that tweets have to be so concise and limited to 140 characters. For many it has replaced RSS, news aggregation sites and most traditional media for the latest headlines across most fields. Information security pros abound on Twitter. While not all of their tweets may be 100% focused on InfoSec, we’ve picked 61 network security Twitter feeds we think are worth following. Please note that some tend to use colorful and direct language in their tweets. Don’t always expect IT-related tweets; they do have other interests in life.

1.    Troy Hunt@troyhunt

Microsoft MVP for Developer Security, Pluralsight author and international speaker.

2.    Schneier Blog@schneierblog

Bruce Schneier is an internationally renowned security technologist and author.

3.    Lenny Zeltser@lennyzeltser

Advances information security. Grows tech businesses. Fights malware.

4.    owasp@owasp

OWASP’s mission is to make application security visible.

5.    Mikko Hypponen@mikko

CRO at F-Secure. TED Speaker. Malware Adventurer

6.    Jayson E. Street@jaysonstreet

Hacker author. Globetrotting Infosec Ranger @ PwnieExpress

7.    Angelina Ward@angelinaward

Social media & content strategist, speaker, trainer in STM publishing for Elsevier.

8.    Mike Murray@mmurray

Securing medical devices at GE Healthcare.

9.    Rebecca Herold@PrivacyProf

Sharing Infosec, privacy and law info found during research that others may find interesting.

10.  briankrebs@briankrebs

Independent investigative journalist.

11.  Neira Jones@neirajones

Chairman, NED, advisor, speaker, blogger

12.  Hoff@Beaker

CTO. Technosopher. Security enthusiast.

13.  Elinor Mills@elinormills

Security/hacker enthusiast, VP of Content and Media Strategy for Bateman Group

14.  Runa A. Sandvik@runasand

Privacy and security researcher, @Forbes contributor, technical advisor.

15.  Martin McKeay@mckeay

Blogger, podcaster, Akamai security advocate.

16.  Dave Lewis@gattaca

Security type, blogger/podcaster, @Forbes contributor, @CSOonline writer. Love my job @Akamai.

17.  Katie Moussouris@k8em0

Chief policy officer, HackerOne. Internet bug bounty panelist. ISO editor. Ex-hacker.

18.  Ron Gula@RonGula

CEO of Tenable Network Security; makers of the Nessus Vuln Scanner.

19.  Soraya Iggy@GeekChickUK

100% Geekgrl. Into InfoSec, I.T, women, equality, LBGT issues & feminism.

20.  James Tarala@isaudit

CyberSecurity and audit resources from James Tarala and Enclave Security.

21.  selenakyle@selenakyle

Graphing the grey cybers: risk, infosec, fraud, economics.

22.  John Kindervag@Kindervag

Politely Belligerent Security Analyst.

23.  Dan Goodin@dangoodin001

I write about people who hack stuff.

24.  SecBarbie@SecBarbie

Partner at @UrbaneSec, former CIO/CSO, proud PCI QSA, Apple geek.

25.  Paul Asadoorian@securityweekly

Founder and CEO of Security Weekly.

26.  Ryan Dewhurst@ethicalhack3r

Freelance security tester/consultant

27.  Window Snyder@window


28.  Jeremiah Grossman@jeremiahg

Founder and iCEO of WhiteHat security, hacker.

29.  Theresa Payton@FortaliceLLC

Passionate about security and Privacy.

30.  Steve Werby@stevewerby

Business-minded hacker. Problem solver, infosec lover and risk enthusiast.

31.  Jennifer Leggio@mediaphyter

Managing director, Girls in Tech, Austin. Former Forbes and ZDNet.

32.  Richard Bejtlich@taosecurity

@FireEye@mandiant strategist. @BrookingsInst fellow.

33.  Dejan Kosutic@Dejan_Kosutic

Expert in information security managementand business continuity management.

34.  Eleanor Dallaway@InfosecEditor

Editor of Infosecurity Magazine.

35.  Andrew Hay@andrewsmhay

Cloud/Security/DFIR/DevOps/BBQ research guy @OpenDNS. Author, blogger.

36.  Lothie Dot Com@lothie

The Voice of infosec.

37.  snipe@snipeyhead

Hacker, co-founder/CTO @MassMosaic, open sorcerer, author, speaker, devops.

38.  Lisa@Lisa_H_

Information security, technology, privacy, gaming and overall geekery.

39.  Jack Daniel@jack_daniel

Sporadic blogger, Security BsSides co-founder.

40.  Gal Shpantzer@Shpantzer

Information security and risk management advisor.

41.  Cheri Sigmon@CheriSigmon

Senior #Cyber security officer ISSA

42.  BillBrenner70@BillBrenner70

Security scribe, Akamai security storyteller.

43.  Eugene Kaspersky@e_kaspersky

Chairman and CEO of #Kaspersky Lab.

44.  Georgia Weidman@georgiaweidman

Author of Penetration Testing: A Hands-On Introduction to Hacking

45.  #Cyberwar@cyberwar_geek

IT professional by accident, geek by nature.

46.  Bat Ma’am@tottenkoph

InfoSec/hacking enthusiast.

47.  BrianHonan@BrianHonan

InfoSec consultant, blogger, author, founder and head of Ireland’s CSIRT @irisscert

48.  aloria@aloria

Tumblr security engineer and @sec_reactions by day, NYU adjunct professor and .NET annihilator by night.

49.  Infosec Reactions@sec_reactions

Curated by @aloria.

50.  Eric Vanderburg@evanderburg

Cleveland cyber security leader, author, speaker and professor.

51.  Jeff Jones@securityjones

Security guy, digital dad. Investor, reader, writer.

52.  Graham Cluley@gcluley

Computer security expert, blogger and public speaker.

53.  Jennifer Minella@jjx

Infrastructure security and wireless specialist.

54.  Steve Gibson@GibsonResearch

Born to code and live healthy.

55.  Robert de Jong@robertjdejong

ICT, infrastructure specialist.

56.  Bev Robb@teksquisite

It consultant by stealth (Internet security, social media and blogging).

57.  Dan Philpott@danphilpott

Federal cybersecurity, risk management, cloud security and information assurance practitioner.

58.  Michelle Schafer@mschafer

PR vice president, security practice @ Merritt Group.

59.  Microsoft Security@msftsecurity

They cover security and privacy efforts for Microsoft – from the inside.

60.  Security Response@msftsecresponse

The official security response team at Microsoft.

61.  Digital Crimes Unit@MicrosoftDCU

Microsoft DCU works with industry partners to combat #Cybercrime.

I’m sure there are many more InfoSec pros that we missed and are tweeting great information. If you have a favorite you think deserves a spot on this list, leave a comment and let us know. Thanks!

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