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Is technological tyranny the latest trend in business?

The benefits of BYOD to users – convenience and control – are obvious. The benefit to the business’s budget is reduced capital expenditure but the disadvantages are now rearing their ugly heads.

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Is IT too Important to Be Trusted to IT Pros?

You didn’t always have to go to medical school and get a license from the state to practice medicine. The first licensing laws in the U.S. were passed in the 1800s but then repealed in most states, and many states had never passed licensure laws by 1850. Aspiring physicians could apprentice with practicing doctors until […]

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Internet blues

Grant Marylander is a friend of a friend, and I got this email forwarded to me.  It’s a classic experience dealing with a broadband company (personally, I have Brighthouse down here and the support is pretty good, and their service is excellent).  I’ve reprinted the letter with permission of the author. Our Internet went down this weekend. Your palms […]

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