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Cryptolocker and Gameover Zeus: still rearing their ugly heads

Every new malware scare has some IT pros running to the hills and two nasty pieces of malware reared their ugly heads again, Cryptolocker and Gameover Zeus. Dangerous and indiscriminate in whom they target, many businesses and home ended up in a right fix.

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Third Party Patch Roundup  – November 2019

Here in the United States, November brings us falling leaves, cold fronts that drop the temperatures – sometimes precipitously – and Thanksgiving, a day of gratitude, family gathering, and eating lots and lots of turkey (at least in theory). Of course, November also brought its share of data breaches, malware infestations, and newly discovered vulnerabilities. […]

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Bad botnet, bad! The 12 worst botnets of the past decade

Here’s a rundown of the Dirty Dozen of highly visible and highly damaging botnets, spewing spam, knocking companies, or even entire countries, offline in the past decade.

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The top 24 facepalm moments in information security

With all the media attention focused on ShellShock, we thought it would be a good time to take a look back at some other web-shaking security events of the past. In chronological order, here are 24 facepalm moments in information security.

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The 24 funniest server naming conventions you’ve ever seen

Some sysadmins do like to have a bit of fun even when naming servers so we’ve put together some very cool and funny server naming conventions that we’ve come across. It’s just a server name, but why be boring when you can be witty (or weird).

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On the beat: Silicon Valley’s youth movement

Humanity has yet to find the fountain of youth. But several tech giants may have discovered the business equivalent. Facebook, LinkedIn, Airbnb and others are employing summer interns – from high school.

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Beware the Malware Banner

Have you already heard about the banner trick? Not yet? This is one of the latest sophisticated additions found in the Zeus malware configuration. This addition has been recently discovered, analyzed and reported by Trusteer. Malware such as Zeus place their focus in online banking fraud. Online banking fraud is a serious affair judging by […]

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Is web security becoming more important than web filtering?

Recently I was reading a very interesting article in a newspaper about the importance of web security in online banking. The editor reported about an incident that affected approximately 3000 personal bank accounts which caused damages of around £675,000 in online banking losses. A Trojan horse known as Zeus v3 had been deployed on several […]

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