From the curious and curiouser department:

“Well, if you have missed the stories in the news, you can easily do a search yourself… just ask Jeeves himself, “Why is Jeeves dumping the butler?” and you’ll get several links describing the scenario. Without going into too much detail, it would seem that the new owners of the company (Interactive Corp), are not too fond of the butler, and they would like to see him go. More specifically, if rumors from both within the company and the internet are to believed, it would seem Barry Diller himself wants the butler’s head on a plate. And I do believe the rumors, somewhat, because at least back when I was still with the company, any time there was any talk about removing the world-famous icon, there was never anything but very vehemant [sic] denial from the Ask Jeeves executives about shooting themselves in the foot by destroying their most recognizable brand. Sadly, it would seem that the aforementioned foot-shooting is going to take place anyway.”


Link here.

Alex Eckelberry

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