1A team of volunteers from GFI’s Malta office took part in a Hands-on Day organized by the Rotary Club Malta on Saturday, May 10. The event was held at Dar Fejda – a residential home for girls – with the aim of improving the facilities there.

The GFI contingent, composed of GFI employees and their friends, joined other volunteers and helped with painting, gardening and various general maintenance jobs. By the end of the day, pathways were weeded, cleaned up and smoothed out; a massive corridor was scraped, plastered and painted; and several large wooden shutters were sanded down and given a fresh coat of paint.

3Additionally, the GFI Charity Fund Foundation made a donation to further help this cause. The foundation is a voluntary not-for-profit organization, independently formed by employees of GFI in Malta, with the aim of helping those in need. Its members voluntarily donate a monthly portion of their income and participate in worthwhile activities to be of service to the community.

The team’s efforts made a positive difference, making it a very satisfying day.

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