The acmeo Systemhaus Rally 2013 ended on a high last week as the teams gathered for an awards ceremony in Helsinki to find out who would be crowned winner of the first ever acmeo rally!

The seven teams were made up of a mix of customers and sponsors giving everyone involved the perfect opportunity to get to know each other while delving into the topics to be discussed each day. But of course this wasn’t just an excuse to have a good ol’ chinwag, as points would be awarded each day for the best contribution to the group discussion that evening.

As well as this each team was also awarded points based on how well they performed with the tricky challenges set for them along the way. These included submitting a picture of MAX ‘on tour’, finding an MSP on route (and of course getting a picture with the CTO as proof) and getting the best picture of someone (not in the team) reading IT Business or CRN.

So after a great deal of discussion, some fast driving and a lot of fun the winners were finally announced… and here they are:



As well as the great accolade of winning the first ever acmeo Systemhaus Rally each of the overall winners were also awarded a bottle of Champagne and a winner’s Trophy to take away with them.

All in all everyone agreed the rally was a huge success with everyone involved making the most of the opportunity to connect with others in the industry, see some amazing sights and of course drive some fast cars! Gerald Gruh, managing director of PDV-Systeme Sachsen summed things up perfectly:

“The rally exceeded my expectations. This was partly due to the fact that the participants were a really good match. Being able to receive points for daily tasks and discussions in addition to the driving was a great idea…The organisers got the combination of fun tasks and networking absolutely right. I was able to make great new contacts”

Rally organizer Henning Meyer said of the event:

“As organizer of the event I can only say that it has been far better than I could have ever imagined. I am overwhelmed by the creativity and team spirit everyone showed during the daily tasks and as the participants were so open we managed to have great discussions and conversations…that’s what we wanted to achieve.”

It’s safe to say that this event was a resounding success for all involved and we at GFI MAX can only hope it’s the start of many more to come!


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