Email CommunicationsHow many emails are employees sending to webmail accounts? How quickly are employees responding to emails? How many employees are accessing their work outside of office hours? Answers to these questions can help your business enhance security and efficiency.

Let’s explore these areas, and a few others.

Getting personal

It seems everyone has a personal email account, with many offered by main webmail providers such as Outlook®, Hotmail® and Gmail™, to name just three. With so many accounts of this kind in existence, the Webmail report is essential. While many companies ask employees to limit the number of emails sent to webmail accounts from their corporate addresses, it isn’t enough. With this report, IT administrators can easily identify the number of emails being sent to webmail addresses. This is a terrific tool if sensitive company data is leaked to a personal account.

Response time

Responsiveness is an important factor when replying to emails, particularly in sales and support organizations. In sales, the faster a sales person replies to a potential customer, the greater the likelihood that a deal can be made. In support, customers need quick replies and solutions to their IT problems. With the email responsiveness report, team members’ average response time to emails is generated and easily accessible for review. The findings can confirm a team is quick to respond. It could also shed light on why teams are not responding in a timely manner.



Performance, profanities and protection

Whether it’s a necessity or personal desire to stay connected at all times, it’s quite common in today’s world for employees to access their corporate email while away from the office. Managers who need to know how many emails their employees are sending while business is closed will find the outside office hours report helpful. Employees may be quickly checking for messages, or they could be working well into the night. In both cases, managers have insight into employee activity.

Companies must always consider internal and external legal ramifications of using corporate email. The inappropriate words report easily highlights emails that have vulgar and inappropriate words in the subject line, body of the message or in attachments. This report lists such emails in a table that displays the sender’s email address and subject. Necessary action can be taken based on the results generated by this report.

Much like using inappropriate words, data leakage is another issue that could lead to serious trouble. With the data leakage detection report, it is possible to identify users who have sent or received credit card numbers, US social security numbers, or some other form of confidential information in the email body, subject line or attachments. Managers have easy access to this report, so they can take immediate action.

Would you believe MailInsights can still do more? We’ll wrap up the series on and its many features in the final blog post.

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