We are revamping our global partner program to empower our members by providing all the tools you need to increase your GFI market share, to drive sales and improve your revenues. These changes will benefit over 15,000 GFI partners worldwide.

“GFI is a channel-focused company and our partners are extremely important to the continued success of our business. Our commitment to our partners is simple; we want them to succeed and we are there to help them be successful. With these changes to our partner program, we are reconfirming our commitment to the Channel and our responsibility to deliver products with growth potential, profitability and market leadership, coupled with unparalleled support on our products,” Walter Scott, CEO at GFI said.

“Over the past year we have invested considerably in our channel resources. We now have a dedicated team working to provide new and existing channel partners with the tools they need to sell our products, including an improved qualified and protected sales lead program, a new deal registration program and many other initiatives that I believe will give more value to those who partner with GFI,” Mr Scott added.

The program offers membership for every type and level of partner and is backed up with our award-winning industry-leading solutions. The focus and flexibility on meeting the individual needs of our partners is shown through competitive pricing, flexible licensing and dedicated sales resources.

Enhanced program highlights

We have changed the way in which partners qualify as Gold, Silver or Bronze partners. The system was revised so that partners qualify on the basis of the number of transactions that they make rather than the deal size. This will ensure an equitable qualification process that rewards those who do more business on a regular basis.

This change came into effect in January 2010 and we will re-level our partners at the beginning of 2011 so that all existing partners are given the opportunity to be promoted in the New Year and thereby gain from the benefits of the new program. If partners build up enough sales to qualify for the next level they will be upgraded prior to the end of the year. All new partners entering the program will join at the newly set levels. Re-qualification will be carried out annually rather than quarterly.

The goal of this revamped partner program is to give our partners more opportunities to increase their business and profits. The program distinguishes GFI from other vendors because while some vendors impose a membership fee on partners for certain programs and benefits, we are offering membership and a bevy of program benefits for free such as: a new deal registration program, training, and technical support. Among other initiatives the program includes a an immediate discount that provides out partners with high profit margin opportunities,   special sales incentives and promotions that drive revenues and financial rewards, NFR key eligibility, improved partner communications as well as enhanced sales, support and marketing tools.

“I am confident that the quality and benefits of this partner program will not only encourage existing partners to boost their membership level and improve their revenues but it will also attract new partners who will want to join our ever growing partner community and enjoy – without any charges – what is undoubtedly a fantastic range of benefits,” Mr. Scott said.

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