A few weeks back, we held the world’s first Antispy Film Fest, featuring the works of cutting edge directors Wayne Porter and Paperghost.

Now, Paperghost has outdistanced the trade with his latest tour-de-force, Grokster: The Movie


Filmed in a gritty film-noir cum Benny Hill style, Grokster: The Movie shares the tale of a hapless web surfer (Hapless) caught in the tangled web of a massive adware infestation brought on by a Grokster install.

Featuring the dreaded KVM media installer (one of the most malicious beasts we’ve seen), Hapless is forced to choose between thousands of rotational ads serving pornography and diet pill ads, while (assumably) seeing his machine turned into a spam zombie, blasting out thousands of messages per minute through port 25.

We can only hope to see more of this brilliant young director’s cinematic excellence.

Alex Eckelberry

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