Security is not just for big businesses. In fact, a security breach can damage a small company far more than a larger one. Why? Because smaller organizations often don’t have the resources to seal that breach and minimize the damage as quickly as larger ones can.

That is, until now.

Cloud-based antivirus services allow companies of all sizes to deploy powerful security measures, without draining your resources. They allow you to use robust and effective solutions, enabling your company’s defenses to punch above their weight. Most importantly, you won’t break the bank either.

Our short video looks at the flexibility and power that the cloud is bringing to organizations. For example, we examine how VIPRE® Business Online™ can provide up-to-the-minute network security for PCs and servers. Most importantly, you can do this without any additional investment in hardware.

Invest a few minutes now and check out our video to see how cloud-managed applications, such as VIPRE Business Online, can benefit your company:

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