Application Insight for Skype for Business expands upon Exinda’s existing application control to provide an end-to-end picture of your Skype for Business traffic to easily pinpoint and resolve session quality issues related to Skype for Business – whether at the network or application layers.

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According to a recent survey, 79% of Unified Communications (UC) users have experienced quality of experience issues and 65% of companies cited quality of experience concerns as the reason preventing employee adoption of company sanctioned cloud applications. This paints a concerning picture of UC deployments and begs the question, “How can companies drive business success if employees cannot effectively and efficiently communicate amongst themselves or with stakeholders outside the organization?”

When your critical applications fail to perform, the biggest issue is determining whether the network or the application is at fault. For any organization that deploys Skype for Business, IT admins need to consider if they have the capabilities to preemptively detect and resolve issues around Skype for Business session quality and ensure the best possible quality of experience for users.

That’s why we’ve created Application Insight for Skype for Business, to give you a unified view of your Skype for Business traffic and the tools to identify and resolve network and application issues before they bring productivity to a halt and put your business at risk.

Here are 3 ways Application Insight for Skype for Business can help you deliver exceptional quality of experience.

1. Unified Visibility

Correlate network and application data within a single unified view to quickly identify what is causing session quality issues and where to improve Time to Resolve (TTR).

Unified Visibility

2. Real-time Monitoring

Monitor session quality in real-time for immediate awareness and resolution of voice, video and application sharing issues.

Real-time Monitoring

3. Actionable Recommendations

Get prescriptive and actionable recommendations based on best practices to ensure the network and application are optimized for best session quality.

Actionable Recommendations

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We’d love to help you solve your Skype for Business woes! For more info on how Application Insight for Skype for Business can help you deliver exceptional quality of experience for voice, video and app sharing, book a demo with an Exinda Solution Expert.

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