Network configuration used to be a never-ending task for IT admins. 

Configuring each branch office network would have required manual setup and most likely, an on-site technician to do it. 

The same applies for any changes. If you decide to install teleconferencing at your branch offices, your technician (or third-party expert hired to help with the project) would have to re-architect and deploy the functionality for each branch location.

Networks have to be designed to fully support applications hosted on both on-premise and cloud, ensure service continuity and an acceptable level of service.


A key solution: SD-WAN technology

SD-WAN networks use software to route traffic through a variety of connections – such as Ethernet, MPLS or WiFi connections. SD-WAN enables secure and fast connectivity. It is by design equipped to adapt to your evolving network landscape.

SD-WAN lets you easily connect geographically dispersed offices and save costs. Newly available Exinda SD-WAN means it is not necessary to have an IT team monitoring your network 24×7 to ensure network access continuity. Exinda SD-WAN does it automatically. If primary access fails, traffic is automatically routed through the remaining WAN links.

This delivers reliability and cost savings:

What’s in it for you?

SD-WAN can help SMBs to have cost-efficient, secure, cloud-based WAN connectivity without worrying about unplanned budget spend. SD-WAN combines traditional physical networking with software-based virtual functionality. You can make changes to the entire network at one time, effortlessly.

One of the biggest advantages of SD-WAN is controlling your policy environment more easily than before. You can customize your network characteristics as SD-WAN can manage multiple types of connections. You can prioritize critical network applications and give a secondary priority to high-consuming bandwidth traffic like video streaming or social media.

SD-WAN can ensure your business data flows, without interruption, by powering up the weakest link of the network and making sure it’s strong enough to support the usage.

5 reasons why SD-WAN should be on your priority list:

  1. It lowers your networking costs – by effectively supporting multiple connection types like MPLS, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, you can choose the one that makes the most sense for your business.
  2. No more network outages – automatically route traffic based on the office location and other criteria so your network remains always available. If one of your offices is out of internet connection, SD-WAN will reroute your network traffic to one of your available locations automatically, with zero downtime.
  3. No more on-site installation and management – SD-WAN does the installation itself. You send the virtualization appliance to the branch office that needs to connect to the network and your IT admin plugs it in. Being preconfigured, the branch is now connected, using a single management application.
  4. Higher employee productivity and focus – you need efficient employees to have a profitable business. Getting them online quickly and allowing them to easily access the most-used business application are one of the key aspects to help them be productive. Another feature of SD-WAN is intelligent routing, meaning that each employee gets the best application performance and a great user experience.
  5. Reduced costs by reducing the need to pay dedicated IT personnel to monitor the network access constantly in order to detect outages and manually switching WAN access.


The end result is an infrastructure that provides more than just an economic benefit. You have choice and flexibility. It supports multiple connection types, so you and mix and match what works best for you, unifying connectivity into one single environment. You can add capacity to network bandwidth in increments you choose and when you want.  You can reduce costs by operating a flexible and easy-to-deploy business network.

Learn more about SD-WAN from our engineers.

Live webinar: Move your business network architecture into the 21st Century | July 10, 2019

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