Picture this: You’re the sole system administration, IT person, or the computer guy or gal at your company. Every time you ask for help, your boss simply says, “It’s not in the budget.” Yes, you want to be ahead of the game and have your systems up to date and running in great shape. However, there’s always a broken printer, patches to be installed, logs to be reviewed, or one of your user forgot their password. The list is endless and you’re on your own.

If you think you signed up for a 9-to-5, you are sadly mistaken. You know that rebooting a server is best done when everyone is out of the office. Actually, anything done to the network should be done at a time when it will not affect anyone’s work.

The good news is there’s help. Technology has vastly improved over the years, making it easier to execute certain tasks automatically. Here are some tools to invest in to make your job a little simpler.

Asset Inventory

Before updating the hardware or software at your office, you should know what you have. There is software available that will track all of the machines connected to your network. You will need something intelligent enough to let you know when a foreign device is trying to connect. This kind of alert will give you a heads up on potential hackers trying to infiltrate your system. Deny them access and stop them in their tracks.

Patch management

Ransomware is infamously known for taking advantage of businesses who do not keep their patches up to date. Many of the attacks like WannaCry infiltrate through a network’s vulnerability. As we learned from this attack, a patch was created several months before WannaCry took advantage of this vulnerability and in fact the systems affected were those that were not up to date.  

Patch management is one of the most important tasks for a sysadmin. It is also the first to fall behind. It is easy for an overworked IT person to say, “I’ll do it later” when support tickets are piling up on your desk. A patch management system like GFI LanGuard is a must have in that it automates patching for you or you can schedule the updates to suit your needs.

Content filtering

Your employees probably have bad tech hygiene. They might have weak passwords, they check their social media pages several times a day, and they visit risky websites. Vulnerabilities are not the only way into your network. Malware is lurking everywhere. All it takes is for someone to download click on a compromised advert and if not protected, malware will be downloaded to compromise your system.

Content filtering is more than blocking naughty websites. You can use a solution like GFI WebMonitor or Kerio Control to mitigate the effect of dangerous downloads and web pages with malicious content. Limiting access to users will give you control to what is going on your network.

Antivirus and vulnerability assessment

Scanning your network for vulnerabilities and malware is just common sense. Though an antivirus will not save your system from all attacks, it can protect you from costly ones. Ensure you have a reliable antivirus working in the background that has automatic updates, detailed reporting, and triggered scans. GFI OneGuard comes equipped with a business antivirus together with patch management automation and asset tracking.

Managing bandwidth

It’s not enough that you control which websites your employees can visit, but you should also take into account the amount of bandwidth being used for applications other than the core ones needed to run the business. Employees visit their social media feeds, stream music, and videos, and visit unauthorized websites during work hours. You can ensure that Salesforce, GoToMeeting, and other necessary applications are prioritized when it comes to bandwidth, over websites like Facebook and YouTube. Nothing is more frustrating than an employee complaining that they cannot do their job because the network is slow, Exinda Network Orchestrator is the tool you need for all your bandwidth needs.

The good news – GFI Unlimited

You are not entirely on your own. There is help. Getting all of these programs will probably cost you less than hiring a full-time sysadmin with GFI Unlimited. For one low price, you can access the power and security of GFI Software’s collection of software. Learn more here.





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