Normally, I write GFI MAX’s bi-monthly survey and at the same time pick a worthy and topical fund (from your suggestions) to make a $500 donation to.  I really like the fact that money is being donated to a worthy cause in return for your time spent filling in our survey.  And it seems to work; we normally get hundreds of responses to our surveys, from all over the world.

A few weeks ago I thought that we should try offering a prize to see what effect it had on the response rate.

However, recent events in Japan have been so horrible that I went cap in hand to the ‘keepers of the marketing budget’ and suggested we do both – offer an iPad 2 as a prize and give a donation to Japan.  Without a minute’s hesitation, they said ‘Do it’!  It’s nice to be able help, even in a small way.

These surveys are really helpful to us and we value your time taken to fill them in.  Questions from the survey come from everywhere, for example, Walter Scott, our CEO, asked for a particular question in this month’s survey.

Participate in this month’s survey

The results are sent to many departments in the company:  Engineering, Marketing, Sales, allowing us to change the product over time to deliver what you need based on your responses so if you’re an MSP or IT Support Company please complete our survey to help us, help Japan and be in with the chance to win an iPad 2.

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