For a large number of hardcore Windows enthusiasts around the world, today is a big day. Today we are all waiting for the signal from Microsoft that the latest Windows 7 build is signed off and Released to Manufacturing (RTM). The announcement is widely expected to be made at the Worldwide Partner Conference 2009 by Steve Ballmer himself.

For those of you who have been using the Microsoft OS since the beginning, a memory jog through the evolution of this operating system leading to Windows 7 will definitely strike a bell and bring back a myriad of memories.


This release means a lot to us, and we can understand the excitement around it.

I have personally been using Windows 7 RC since its availability, and was very impressed from my first installation. I admittedly did manage to hang it a couple of times, but my experiences were not reproduced by my fellow colleagues and required a particular combination to reproduce. Even with the unique hang combination, I still enjoy using this OS on a daily basis reliably and without compromise on performance.

My positive experience seems to resound with the rest of the evaluators’ reviews I went through, as well as discussions with other evaluators, MVPs and other sources.

Sites you can monitor for the announcement:

Now…we wait…

Tick Tock…Tick Tock…

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