Faxing is sometimes seen as an outdated procedure in today’s world of email; however, there are still many companies that rely on their fax machine and correspond with their clients via fax. If one of your suppliers is one of these people, then you’re aware of their dependency on fax, but are you going to stay buying a fax machine for one person? With fax software there isn’t need to.

Network integrated faxing allows you to send a fax to the recipient’s fax machine via your email client! The message is sent in the same way as an email but is actually received on the recipient’s fax machine as a print out allowing the recipient to handle and store the message as a hard copy. Whilst fax machines are, in fact, very secure because they can’t get viruses or malware, manual faxing is time-consuming and faxes can easily get misplaced or be left lying around containing sensitive information.

The following white paper Integrated network faxing key to improved productivity and information security gives a detailed account about the benefits of retaining faxing as a communication method yet using an integrated network faxing solution for increased financial and productivity benefits.

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