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Why is using PSTs in 2016 a bad idea?

Using outdated technologies created for personal use in an enterprise environment has never been a good idea. Using Outlook’s PST files in 2016 is a typical example of such a poor practice.

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What the Future Brings for Emails in SMBs

Many modern-day business prophets have predicted the demise of email in companies, but it’s still here, alive and kicking. What will the future bring for this channel of business communication?

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From mainframe to cloud: it’s technology déjà vu all over again

Let’s take a look at how we got from mainframe to cloud and what that progression might portend for future trends.

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Moving to the Cloud in one fell swoop

A few months ago, I started toying with the idea of migrating our email to an Office 365 business plan. Then our Exchange server went down, motivating us to commit.

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Azure Security Center: Visibility in the Cloud

Once upon a time, Microsoft was (rightfully) criticized for making software that was feature-focused but not security-conscious. That was then; this is now.

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Why cloud services now make real sense for SMBs

Back when cloud services were a new trend, many IT professionals resisted their implementation. A few traditional techies had a perception of relinquishing control if they moved services away from the usual comfort zone of an on-premise model; citing concerns about security and reliability.

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A single part of GFI Cloud saves a “One Man IT Team” 10 hours per week!

Kevin Downham is the IT manager at MacDermid, a UK-based speciality chemical services firm. The infrastructure Kevin presides over is an accurate reflection of a modern SME IT department. He single-handedly manages around 80 PCs spread primarily across two locations, with a selection of mobile remote users spread across the world.

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IT help needed – only sys admin superheroes need apply

What are some of the most important issues facing sys admins today? Is it ‘the cloud’? Or is it ‘Advanced Persistent Threat’? Maybe it’s the surge in BYOD and the commoditization of IT? What other buzzwords do you hear thrown around by managers? Are any of those the most important issues facing sys admins? No. […]

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Update: Remote control in GFI Cloud

Learn more about Remote Control, the latest service added to the GFI Cloud platform. Here’s what Elad Schreiber, the GFI Cloud product manager had to say. I caught up with Elad to find out more about Remote Control in GFI Cloud… Q: What’s new in this latest version of GFI Cloud? The big news about […]

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How we patch: by the numbers

We all know how important it is to keep current with security updates, a.k.a. patches – but how many organizations are really following best practices?  As attackers get more sophisticated and researchers become more diligent, vulnerabilities in popular software – from operating system to end-user applications and even including security software – are discovered every […]

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