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Are kids today, too tech-savvy to handle?

Today’s kids have been brought up in an age that people like me (and most of our readers) have had to get used to, particularly where technology is concerned. So it’s not surprising that most kids are way more tech-savvy than their parents and teaching them about it – it’s a fact. I would dare […]

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IT admins, what are your greatest challenges?

“Not enough hours in the day!” – is the cry from IT admins in a recent GFI Cloud survey about their greatest day-to-day challenges, and these are common across the board, regardless of geography or business sector they work in.

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Are you the Lone Ranger in your company?

Understaffed and overworked? Flying solo with the workload of a team of many? Are you spending all your time just trying to keep things running, with no time for yourself or for proactive projects? Are you reading this post on your phone while eating lunch at your desk because you don’t have time to take […]

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GFI Cloud: A study of time savings

Working in IT administration is a stressful endeavour. Granted, there’s no comparison with brain surgery or air traffic control; but it is a field that few people understand from the outside looking in. Non-technical people don’t really get what an IT guy does every day, so they can’t understand the level of stress they bear.

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GFI Cloud user interview: Michael Belisle, IT Manager at Fisher and Sons

Michael Belisle, IT manager at Fisher & Sons, in Burlington, WA, explains how GFI Cloud helps ease the load of IT management and make his life easier as a one-man IT team. He is interviewed by Jackie Wake.

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SysAdmins: Five tips for predictable and productive days

Internal IT teams that spend their lives fire-fighting problems have to endure an unnecessarily stressful existence. Much has been written about the benefits of providing proactive support, but some IT departments still struggle with putting this into practice. Here are five suggestions for sys admins that may help to instill “proactive working” as a key […]

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“My PC is slow and I don’t know why!” How often do you hear this?

As an IT professional, there’s a good chance your own computer runs rather well. After all, you (should) know exactly what to do to address issues that have an impact on performance!

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Helpful IT hints for managing a modern workforce

IT is nothing like it once was. Ten years ago, staff would usually work in the office on desktop PCs. Laptops were typically the exclusive preserve of senior management and mobile salespeople. As for iPads – um, well, they hadn’t even been invented. Today’s IT department has plenty of work to do to keep control […]

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ScooterBug – Keeping their distributed workforce secure

Orlando, FL USA: Robert L Jimenez II is a busy man. He forms part of an IT team of two at ScooterBug, and it’s their job to ensure that IT systems are running smoothly and to speedily deal with user help requests. This is a tough job when you consider the logistics of what the […]

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The latest news from the GFI Cloud team

How does GFI Cloud benefit your business? In this interview, Jackie, Product Marketing Manager, gives an overview on what this release means for your business. Q: Tell us about the latest release of GFI Cloud? This release gives new focus to the monitoring service in GFI Cloud with the addition of performance monitoring; a must-have […]

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