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Data privacy: The heart and soul of your compliance strategy

If you ask a group of IT professionals what regulatory compliance is all about, at least some of them are likely to answer “security.” It’s the way we think, because security is a technological mechanism and we are, after all, techies. If you ask members of the legal department what compliance is all about, at […]

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Navigating the maze of regulatory compliance

Compliance Matters Navigating the maze of regulatory compliance Once upon a time, being an IT professional was relatively simple – and not just in terms of the technology itself. Today it’s a maze of complexity on several levels. This new monthly blog post will delve into the compliance issues that are facing IT today and […]

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There’s still time to implement BYOD this year

The year is more than half done, and there is still time to implement initiatives to keep your business moving. In fact, organizations of all sizes are expecting to see more ransomware attempts, as well as digital currency scams trying to steal an owner’s unique passcode or stealing computing power for currency mining in years […]

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Kerio Connect serves up to the competition

Information travels at a mile a minute, or so they say. If your business is not using email, you might as well admit that you are working in the Stone Age and realize you are missing out on opportunities. News sources predict there will be 19 billion email users by 2019 worldwide. While your business […]

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Ensure your insurance business has the right IT software

Insurance is meant to mitigate a loss. Whether if it is a home, person, car, or health, very personal data is transferred between the agent, agency, and the insured.  The insurance industry is often used as an example for tight regulations at both the state and federal level. With all of the data leaks, ransomware, […]

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Keeping the healthcare industry safe with the right IT software

The hospital and healthcare industry met quite a few challenges involving ransomware in the last year. Learn how you can protect your business with different solutions at one low price per user with GFI Unlimited.

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Email data leaks just got riskier

The GDPR brings some big changes to the way companies must handle data, and that includes data in email messages. Email may be the weak spot in your data security strategy, but it doesn’t have to be.

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Recognize a phishing attack, then stop it dead in its tracks

We would like to think we can outsmart the bad guys who are trying to phish for our personal data. Learn how to get one step ahead of their hacking attempts.

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GDPR goes live in 3 months. Are you ready?

Is it possible that some organizations have not yet heard about GDPR – the new EU legislation? Sadly, yes. And an even greater number who have heard about it don’t realise how their own organization will be impacted.

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The 6 malware culprits at every workplace

No matter how many times your IT staff tells employees not to download software and  no matter how many policies and  employee handbooks, it is inevitable, an employee is going to put  your network at risk by bending or breaking those rules.

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