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Migrating public folders from Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2016

One of the biggest blockers to move on from Exchange 2007 seems to be that customers do not know what to do with their legacy Public Folders. Here are a few solutions.

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UC Deployment: 5 Facts Every IT Team Should Know

Learn how to maximize your Unified Communications investment and get the voice and video quality your users expect.

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Virtualizing Exchange 2016

The deadline for getting off of Exchange 2007 is rapidly approaching and probably a number of you considering Exchange 2016, and wondering about virtualization.

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3 Reasons Your SharePoint Migration Could Fail

SharePoint for the Win. Management has spoken. Options have been reviewed. Pros and cons have been weighed and after careful consideration, you’ve decided to jump aboard the cloud train and advantage of one of the most popular collaboration and productivity applications, Microsoft SharePoint. YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE: 3 Ingredients for Exceptional Office 365 Performance And while […]

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5 Bandwidth Draining Trends to Watch for in 2017

Whether you’re managing an enterprise, ResNet, healthcare or financial services network, you’re destined to encounter applications (whether critical or non-critical) that will drain your network resources and potentially hamper the performance of other applications, which as we all know, will result in an abundance of user complaints. You can’t always predict when hot new applications […]

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4 Pain Points New Skype for Business Users Encounter (and How to Solve Them)

It happens every time. Your company deploys some new software and tells everyone, “Okay, this is what we’re using now!” Sometimes they give training. Sometimes they do not. Inevitably, the change in technology causes trouble. People have trouble learning the new system, the training material gets lost…it’s a pain. YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE: On-Demand Webinar: How […]

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4 Good Reasons You Need a Network Assessment

Maintaining a network is hard work. It requires a deep technical knowledge as well as a good feel for the business and its goals in order to prioritize applications and services to keep them running at an optimum performance level. It would be nice if one could simply take an 80’s infomercial approach and just […]

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It’s that time again! Q4 updates for Exchange 2016, 2013, 2010, and even 2007

Just as Santa’s elves were busy busy busy getting ready for Christmas, so too were the developers at Microsoft on the Exchange team.

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Infographic: When UC (Unified Communications) Fails, is IT to Blame?

We recently conducted a survey of IT professionals to better understand the challenges of Unified Communications and how it affects IT teams and end users. Check out our infographic below for a few interesting stats that reveal the truth behind quality of experience and how it impacts the ROI of your UC investment. You Might Also […]

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Santa’s Little Helper: Improving Office 365 Performance

Now that Santa is fully available 24×7 thanks to sites like North Pole Times and Elf HQ, it got me thinking about Santa’s distribution partners here in the Northeast, and how they manage their online email services. One of our customers is the 3rd largest toymaker in the world with annual revenue of approximately 4.5B. […]

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