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Cool tools to use – OffCAT 2.2

There are dozens of tools out there that help Exchange sysadmins run their systems, optimize them, troubleshoot them, and monitor them. OffCAT 2.2 is one of them.

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Time to start thinking of the Exchange 2007 EOL

Exchange 2007, which came out in 2007 and has a ten year support lifecycle, will reach its tenth birthday in 2017, which is next year! Time to start thinking of upgrading.

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Installing Exchange 2016 into an existing Exchange 2010 org – The Exchange Deployment Assistant

In this post we take a look at a free tool from Microsoft that we are going to use to guide our overall deployment of Exchange 2016 – the Exchange Deployment Assistant.

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April brings update rollups for Exchange sysadmins

April 2016 brings us updates for now four separate versions of Microsoft Exchange, and we’re here with what you need to know for each.

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Troubleshooting the top 22 Exchange issues

Our hope is that this quick list, thick on fixes but thin on words, may help you in the future when you run into a problem and need to fix it right there and then!

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Hold off on upgrading to .NET Framework 4.6.1

Patching – it’s probably the single most important piece of work sysadmins must regularly perform but in the case of .NET Framework 4.6.1 it’s better not to patch.

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Installing Exchange 2016 into an existing Exchange 2010 Org – Getting the server ready

In this post, we’re going to get our server built and ready, based on both sizing guidelines and the prerequisites needed to actually install Exchange 2016.

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MS16-010 important for both Exchange 2013 and 2016

Our first Patch Tuesday of 2016 brought us patches for a number of system, but for Exchange SysAdmins MS16-010 is of particular note.

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16 for ’16: New Year resolutions for the new version of Exchange

With the New Year just hitting start and Exchange 2016 about to see its first Cumulative Update, odds are good that anyone still on legacy Exchange versions is thinking about upgrades.

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The Exchange month in review: December 2015

In our second foray into the Exchange ICYMI series, this time for December 2015, we’re going to curate things a bit more and let you know what we think was really worth reading.

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