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Nothing to see here folks… Move along

A security research company called Cybereason published a blog post about an APT targeting OWA. Microsoft then published a blog post that says, in essence, nothing to see here folks, move along.

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Best practices for virtualizing Exchange – part two: Hyper-V

It seems like everyone is moving to virtualize as much as they can so in part two of three of our Virtualizing Exchange posts we talk about using Hyper-V.

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Hey Tumblr, WTH Were You Thinking?

Bad guys try their level-best to impersonate legitimate services, so the last thing we need is a legitimate service impersonating the bad guys, but that is EXACTLY what Tumblr did.

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Best practices for virtualizing Exchange – Part 1: VMware

When you consider how many Exchange servers a company needs to have, and how critical it is for them to be highly available and fault tolerant, virtualizing them just makes sense.

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Auditing in Exchange Part 2

Mailbox audit logging records whenever a mailbox is accessed by someone other than the person who owns the mailbox.

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Auditing in Exchange: I didn’t do it. Nobody saw me do it. You can’t prove anything

Administrator audit logging records any action, based on an Exchange Management Shell cmdlet, performed by an administrator.

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Cool tools – Exchange log collection script

David Paulson uploaded his PowerShell script CollectLogsScript.ps1 to the TechNet Gallery a few weeks ago so let’s take a look at all the things this script can do.

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Mail forwarding in Exchange

There are two attributes for every mailbox that can control forwarding and which can be manipulated by admins – either Exchange Org Admins or Recipient Admins.

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Exchange 2013 CU9 – what you need to know

Exchange 2013 admins should be pleased to know that the latest cumulative update for Exchange 2013, CU9, has been released.

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Exchange 2016 Preview Now Available!

Just in time for Sysmass, the Exchange Team at Microsoft has made available for download a public preview of Exchange Server 2016!

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