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Greetings from Tech.Ed

It is a great show. If you are here, you should come out to the booth and visit us. Today is the day we give away the motorcycle. Enough plugging us, now on to the show….. Lots of interesting people, sessions and exhibits at the show. As some people say, “So much to do, so […]

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A light week for blogging

It’s Tech.Ed this week so we’re going to be a little light on the blogging. Interesting stuff going on in the antispyware space. I hope to get to more later this week. Alex Eckelberry

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RTFS (Read the "Fine" Screens)

It gets a little frustrating dealing with certain “software developers”. These “software developers” want to be “quickly and fairly” identified by the Anti-spyware community. Great. No problem. We think, “How about putting a place on our website for them to contact us in a non-contentious way, so that we can give them a fair review […]

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What adware vendors are spending on lobbying

A recent post here on money spent lobbying in DC by adware vendors. You can look up stuff yourself by going here. Alex (Thanks to Ben Edelman.)

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An advance peek at Project Ninja

(TM) A while back, I blogged on a major new project we’ve been working on for a long time at Sunbelt, code-named “Ninja”. Well, the code name stuck and is going to be the actual product name — Sunbelt Messaging Ninja. We’re releasing it in a few weeks. We’re going to be showing the product […]

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Our response to Abetterinternet

They contacted us with a cease and desist letter, asking us to change the naming of their adware programs in their database. So be it. Here is our response. Alex(Still scratching my head)

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Hotbar Truste Certification revoked

Click here . Note that this may only be a temporary measure. Ben Edelman documented some of their practices with Truste here and here. To wit: The TRUSTe ‘Click-to-Verify’ seal was placed throughout the site, and, where it appeared on the privacy statement, had not been properly implemented. TRUSTe requires that the ‘Click-to-Verify’ seal may […]

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New antispyware coalition

A new antispyware coalition has been announced. Before reading anything more, remember that the primary people screaming for standards in defining spyware are the adware vendors. I was immediately suspicious at the spyware conference a few weeks ago when all the spyware vendors were talking about “the need to create standards”, and a journalist I […]

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Annenberg study on how misinformed internet consumers are

An interesting and somewhat depressing report by the Annenberg Public Policy Center . Read it here. The study, entitled “Open to Exploitation: American Shoppers Online and Offline“, has tidbits like this: The study indicates that many adults who use the internet believe incorrectly that laws prevent online and offline stores from selling their personal information. […]

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microsoft to buy claria a trial balloon

This is a redirect page. To get to the original post, click here.

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