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Annenberg study on how misinformed internet consumers are

An interesting and somewhat depressing report by the Annenberg Public Policy Center . Read it here. The study, entitled “Open to Exploitation: American Shoppers Online and Offline“, has tidbits like this: The study indicates that many adults who use the internet believe incorrectly that laws prevent online and offline stores from selling their personal information. […]

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microsoft to buy claria a trial balloon

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eWeek runs with Netscape 8 story

Paul Roberts of eWeek writes about the AOL Netscape 8 Trust Rating.

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Senior Microsoft PR guy goes to 180 Solutions

In a surprising move, Sean Sundwall, Senior Corporate PR Manager at Microsoft, is taking the job of Director of Corporate Communications at 180Solutions/ Yup. It’s really true. He starts next Monday. Alex Eckelberry

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REAL ID act redux

An update of my prior blog on this issue. The LA Times recently wrote (reg. required) about more privacy consequences of this law which will have a significant effect on your privacy. From the article: “But once the law takes full effect three years from now, it will also give many more bureaucrats access to […]

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Claria’s paper on antispyware applications

Read it here. Alex

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More on Netscape trust rating

Hot off the presses: Ben Edelman just posted a detailed writeup. Why the big deal? AOL Netscape (nee Netscape) is assigning a trust rating based on certifications. Certifications are useless for trust ratings, because all they do is certify what they are supposed to certify–such as “is the traffic in a SSL browser session secure?”. […]

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So who bamboozled the folks at Netscape?

(Part one in an informal series on the absolute uselessness of current certifcation practices…more later). The new Netscape has a trust rating, explained here. According to their website: The Netscape Browser is equipped with a web site rating system called “Trust Ratings” which is driven by lists of sites provided by our trusted security partners. […]

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Report on the spyware market

This just out. Morgan Stanley’s report on the spyware market. Read it here. Note: We have not reviewed the material to determine accuracy, a quintillion disclaimers apply, etc.

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Our response to Hotbar

Click here to read a scan of our response to Hotbar. This went out today. A cleaner version is here. Later, I’ll be posting a more exhaustive writeup, with screen shots. Alex Eckelberry

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