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Keeping the healthcare industry safe with the right IT software

The hospital and healthcare industry met quite a few challenges involving ransomware in the last year. Learn how you can protect your business with different solutions at one low price per user with GFI Unlimited.

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Windows PowerShell: Automating common admin tasks

Back in 2012, I wrote a number of blog posts that highlighted the efficacy of PowerShell and how it could be used to make your life as a sysadmin easier. This article builds on Windows PowerShell: Extracting Strings Using Regular Expressions, Windows PowerShell: Essential Admin Scripts (Part 1), and Windows PowerShell: Essential Admin Scripts (Part […]

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Top 10 Free System Troubleshooting Tools for SysAdmins

Here are 10 of the best free tools / packages for troubleshooting system issues. These tools should help you as an admin to fix the problem or identify the root cause more quickly.

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Last month’s top cybersecurity stories – June 2018

What stories hit the news in the month of June. Ticketmaster customers hacked pretty badly. What will GDPR do about it? Cryptocrash at South Korea’s Coinrail to the tune of $40 Billion. Apple to close iPhone privacy hole used by FBI.

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Windows PowerShell: Extracting Strings Using Regular Expressions

This post has been reviewed in 2018 and its information is still relevant. We also recently published another post with information about how to automate common admin tasks with PowerShell.  Windows PowerShell is a powerful (no pun intended!) command line scripting language built on top of the .NET framework. Version 2.0 of Windows PowerShell comes […]

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Email data leaks just got riskier

The GDPR brings some big changes to the way companies must handle data, and that includes data in email messages. Email may be the weak spot in your data security strategy, but it doesn’t have to be.

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Scanning Open Ports in Windows: A Quick Guide (Part 2)

This post has been reviewed and the information is still relevant as of June 2018. In early 2012, I wrote an article called Scanning Open Ports in Windows: A Quick Guide that covered how to use NetStat.exe, Tasklist.exe, TCPView.exe and PortQry.exe and Scanning Open Ports in Windows: Part 3 that covered how to use NMAP to […]

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Unintended Consequences: GDPR impacts you didn’t see coming

Enforcement officially began on May 25 and while it has created hassles and even havoc for companies scrambling to comply, it also brings some benefits for “data subjects” – that’s you, if any organization collects, processes or stores personal information about you – even those who don’t live in Europe.

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The 31 funniest SSIDs I’ve ever seen

Whenever I’m at a restaurant, airport or anywhere in town, I invariably look for free Wi-Fi access. Often, the SSID names used are standard fare. However, I occasionally come across some really witty and hilarious SSIDs. This article features some of the top SSIDs that my colleagues and I have come across on our travels. […]

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Unlimited possibilities with GFI Software

Unleashing the power of GFI Unlimited was exciting last week as GFI Software welcomed established distribution partners from around the world to beautiful Scalaria, St. Wolfgang im Salzkammergut in Austria to take a closer look at the growing GFI Unlimited software library of network security and communications solutions.

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