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Two days after Patch Tuesday comes Zero Day Thursday

Network admins who had just breathed a sigh of relief because their systems were all patched for another month – at least in relation to vulnerabilities in Microsoft software – didn’t get to feel secure for long. On Thursday, they found that they had something else to worry about, as reports started coming out about […]

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February Patch Tuesday roundup

After I reported on last month’s light sprinkling of Microsoft security patches (four, none critical), I received a number of comments from readers along the lines of “Yes, but watch out for a big one next month.” I was happy to say last Thursday that their dire predictions didn’t come true, as the initial advance […]

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Adobe issues emergency “out of band” patch

Adobe normally issues its security updates on Patch Tuesday along with Microsoft, but this month the company didn’t wait to release an emergency update for its Flash Player (which affects versions for Windows, Mac and Linux). The “out of band” update came out on February 4, with the security bulletin for CVE-2014-0497 recommending that users […]

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February advance notification: A pleasant surprise

When last month brought us only four security bulletins from Microsoft, mixed with the sighs of relief were whispers of trepidation. Past experience has shown that such light months are often – though not always – followed by a deluge of patches the next month. Well, IT pros can breathe more easily this time. We’ve […]

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Third-party patch and vulnerability roundup – January 2014

This is the beginning of a brand new year for software vendors and IT pros, both of whom probably share the same wish for 2014: fewer new vulnerabilities and hence a need for fewer patches. Vendors work hard to make their programs as secure as possible “out of the box” (although that term is becoming […]

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Oracle 144 – Microsoft 4

The scorecard this month looks like a slaughter, but in this game the object is to get the lowest score possible, and as far as patches are concerned, Microsoft is the clear winner this month. January 2014 has been a great start to the year for Microsoft because “Patch Tuesday” saw no critical updates from […]

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January Patch Tuesday Roundup

My December article summarizing the month’s security update releases seemed to go on and on, but this month we both get a bit of a break. With only four patches on the agenda – and not one of them rated critical – this time I can make it short and sweet.

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January Advance Notification: An Easy Start to the New Year

After the mad rush of the holiday season that, for IT pros, was exacerbated by a moderate load of eleven patches to get tested and applied in December, Microsoft is giving us some breathing room. January brings us only four security updates – and there’s not a critical one among them. The vulnerability impact types […]

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Third Party Patch and Vulnerability Roundup: December 2013

This is the season for giving, and software vendors must be feeling extra generous this year. Microsoft gifted us with 11 patches, Mozilla dropped 14 updates for Firefox down the chimney, and Adobe wrapped up a shiny package with Priority 1 fixes for Flash, Air and Shockwave.  So what else might we find under the […]

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Microsoft Revokes Firmware Patch for Surface Pro 2

I love everything about my Surface Pro 2 – except the battery life. The Pro 2 is a lot better than my original Surface Pro; I get a good two hours of additional work time, but it’s not so great in comparison to the RT version and other (admittedly much less powerful) tablets.

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