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Microsoft Isn’t the Only Vendor with Patches – Mozilla Updates 14 Issues in Firefox 26

While customers have gotten into a rhythm with Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday cycles, sometimes that can lead to oversights when patches are released by other vendors. Often touted as a “more secure” alternative to Internet Explorer, the latest version of Firefox has its own share of vulnerabilities, and Mozilla just released updates to resolve fourteen issues.

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December Patch Tuesday Roundup

The holiday season is in full swing in the U.S. and most parts of the world, and that means IT pros are busier than ever this month, under pressure to get all the servers and clients that connect to them updated before taking some time off (if they’re lucky) to celebrate the season with family […]

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Advance Notification: Year’s Last Patch Tuesday Brings 11 Updates

Those IT pros who were hoping that Microsoft would go easy on us this month so we could spend more time on year-end reports (and/or shopping for holiday gifts) are going to be a little disappointed. After a couple of months with only eight patches each, we might be a tad spoiled. Don’t worry – […]

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XP/Server 2003 Kernel Vulnerability

It hasn’t received much attention – perhaps because Microsoft is focusing its security efforts on Windows Vista and later operating systems, as XP draws perilously close to its end of support date less than five months from now – but last week the company released a security advisory for a kernel vulnerability in Windows XP […]

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Third Party Patch and Vulnerability Roundup: November 2013

In the U.S. where I live, the end of November means celebrating our holiday of Thanksgiving, a time when we try to cultivate an “attitude of gratitude” for all the good things we have. On the professional level, I’m thankful for the progress that software vendors have made over the years in addressing security issues. […]

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Understanding Microsoft’s Crypto Recommendations

In addition to the eight security updates that they released this month, Microsoft also set out some recommendations regarding choices of cryptographic algorithms that may have left some IT pros and managers scratching their heads in confusion. Just because you’re an experienced network administrator, it doesn’t mean you’re an expert in cryptography, which is a […]

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November Patch Tuesday Roundup

The weather has taken a turn toward winter in many parts of the United States on this second Tuesday of November. Meanwhile, my friends in Australia are enjoying a sunny summer day. But no matter where you are, hot or cold or in between, IT admins are getting ready to roll out this month’s slate […]

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No Patch Forthcoming for TIFF-handling Zero Day Vulnerability

As we noted in Friday’s Advance Notification post and will explore in more detail in tomorrow’s recap of the November Patch Tuesday releases, Microsoft® is putting out eight security fixes this month.  However, SC Magazine reported a few days ago that this slate of patches will not include one to address a zero day vulnerability […]

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Advance Notification: Looking at Eight More Updates for November

Microsoft is following up its eight patches in October with another octet in November, according to the Advance Notification released today.  This time only three of the updates are rated critical, but because they impact various versions of Windows and Internet Explorer, all of them need to be taken very seriously. Once again, we’re looking […]

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Third Party Patch and Vulnerability Roundup: October 2013

As we approach the end of this month, it’s time to take a look at the non-Microsoft™ security fixes that have come down the pike over the last four weeks. In case you missed it, you can check out my synopsis of Microsoft’s October Patch Tuesday updates at

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