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October Patch Tuesday Roundup

It’s that time again, and many network admins are probably approaching it with a little more anxiety than usual, considering the myriad problems that followed in the wakes of the August and September Patch Tuesdays. This Patch Tuesday is a special one, as it marks the 10th anniversary of the program that began in October […]

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Advance Notification: October Brings 8 Microsoft® Security Updates

Microsoft released their advance notification statement today for the fixes that will be included in next week’s Patch Tuesday release, and it looks to be a moderate month for patching. We can expect eight updates, half of them rated critical and the other half rated important. Affected software includes Windows (ranging from Windows XP to […]

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Third Party Patch and Vulnerability Roundup: September 2013

Welcome to the first of many monthly third party patch roundups. Earlier in the month, we provided an overview of the security updates released by Microsoft™ on Patch Tuesday, and a few days ago, we discussed the Apple® product vulnerabilities listed by CERT-US for September. Here’s a summary of some of the other important vulnerability […]

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Apple Joins the Patch Party

Apple is known for doing things up big. True to form, the company has recently joined the Patch Party in a big way. Not so long ago, users of Apple products boasted that their operating systems weren’t vulnerable to exploit like Windows. Even though some security experts noted that the relative safety was in large […]

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Apple®’s iOS 7 Already Needs Patching for Security Flaws and Bugs

Microsoft™ isn’t the only software vendor that’s getting some bad PR lately.  Apple’s latest and greatest iteration of its iPhone operating system, which is featured on the new iPhone 5s and 5c models, was released just last week, but it was almost immediately plagued with rumors of security flaws and other bugs. This didn’t deter […]

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Play It Again, Microsoft®: Yet another Patch Problem Rears Its Head

Microsoft just can’t seem to catch a break lately in regard to its Patch Tuesday updates. This month, the company released a slew of patches for the various Office programs, but there have been ongoing problems even after one of those patches was pulled.

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Zero-day Exploit Targets Internet Explorer

A critical, zero-day exploit against all versions of Microsoft® Corporation’s Internet Explorer® (IE) was announced by Microsoft. Users of every version of IE from the no longer supported IE6 all the way through the brand new IE11 that isn’t even publicly available yet are cautioned about this vulnerability, which when exploited can result in remote […]

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Not Again! Problems with Office Patches

Patch Tuesday hasn’t been going so well lately. Last month, Microsoft had to recall patches that caused problems with Exchange and ADFS. This month, Microsoft issued a number of patches designed to fix security vulnerabilities in Microsoft Office programs, but one has been pulled and there are still problems being reported with some of the […]

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September Patch Tuesday

We’re kicking off the Patch Central blog with a fairly hefty Patch Tuesday from Microsoft. This month brings us fourteen security bulletins, half of which pertain to Microsoft Office. The good news is that those who are using the latest version, Office 2013, aren’t affected by most them; all but one of the vulnerabilities that […]

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The End of Patching is in Sight for Windows® XP

You can’t claim you didn’t have plenty of warning: Microsoft™ announced way back in 2011 that the end of extended support for Windows XP would come in 2014. Full mainstream support ended in 2009, but security updates have kept on coming. Even so, according to a recent IDC study, XP gets 27 percent more virus […]

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