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Introducing GFI MAX

I am very pleased to announce today two important developments for GFI Software. The first is that HoundDog Technology Ltd, a leading remote monitoring and management company in the UK, has joined the GFI family. HoundDog provides Managed Service Providers (MSPs), Valued Added Resellers (VARs) and IT support organizations with an easier, more affordable way […]

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Windows Digest authentication

For those who need to explore the intricacies of authentication mechanisms that are available on Windows operating systems, I would like to make a stop at Windows Digest authentication and make a few comments about how it works (or doesn’t). I have recently started to play around with different authentication methods that can be used […]

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Confirmed: Windows 7 RTM build complete. Now when will you get it?

July 22nd 2009 – Steve Ballmer signed off the RTM builds for both Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 at the annual sales kick-off event in Atlanta. This is big news for us all at GFI. Video of signing: Windows 7 Sneak-Peak from MGX Congratulations to the engineering teams of both products! I am personally […]

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Your chance to win a PS3 with GFI Software and Twitter

GFI Software is giving ONE lucky person the chance to win an amazing PlayStation 3! The rules are simple and winning is just a tweet away. All you need to do is: follow @GFISoftware on Twitter express your desire to win the PS3 in a tweet tag your tweets with #gfi. Be as creative as […]

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VSS Troubleshooting

The Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS), part of Microsoft Windows, provides a mechanism to create consistent point-in-time copies of hard-drives and is used by backup applications such as GFI Backup. Further information on how VSS works can be found at the following link: VSS is quite fragile and many times the service just stops […]

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Security policies: making them work for you – Part 2

In the first of this two part article, the discussion centered around the creation of IT security policies and why there often is strong resistance to their existence and implementation. Successfully implementing IT security polices goes beyond the technology and encompasses an understanding of organizational structures and workplace psychology. In the second part, I will […]

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Awaiting Windows 7 RTM: A MS Windows History memory jog

For a large number of hardcore Windows enthusiasts around the world, today is a big day. Today we are all waiting for the signal from Microsoft that the latest Windows 7 build is signed off and Released to Manufacturing (RTM). The announcement is widely expected to be made at the Worldwide Partner Conference 2009 by […]

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Security policies: making them work for you – Part 1

Every organization has its own rule book or set of procedures that management or HR expects employees to follow religiously. These ‘rules’ stipulate when employees are to start and finish work; when they can take their lunch break or how many days of leave they are entitled to, and so on. Bar the usual exceptions, […]

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Selling security in a contracting economy

Up to a few years ago, vendors were united in a single battle cry: your business is at risk… unless…! Scaremongering worked to an extent but it soon became obvious to many organizations that vendors were crying ‘wolf’ far too often. The result has been a growing level of suspicion among SMBs and a tougher […]

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The Benefits of Integrated Network Faxing

Faxing is sometimes seen as an outdated procedure in today’s world of email; however, there are still many companies that rely on their fax machine and correspond with their clients via fax. If one of your suppliers is one of these people, then you’re aware of their dependency on fax, but are you going to […]

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