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Security awareness: taking the first steps

In a previous post, I talked about the importance of security education and awareness programs for employees. If you are an IT administrator or a business owner reading this blog you may feel that in theory this is great and makes sense, but in real life, resources and time are precious commodities that could be used on […]

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Podcast – Educating Employees about Security Awareness

David Kelleher, communications and research analyst at GFI Software is back this week discussing the need for companies to educate their employees on basic security principles. In last week’s podcast, David touched upon what GFI are doing to help SMBs stay secure. Employees need to be educated about security because they are the people who […]

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GFI Donates!

As part of GFI’s scheme to aid the community through various means, a blood donation drive was organized in June with around 30 GFI employees from the Malta office volunteering to roll up their sleeves (literally!) and donate blood. The blood donation mobile unit, sporting the slogan ‘give blood it is the gift of life’, […]

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Security education: ineffective or the wrong approach?

Employees don’t give two hoots about security or security policies. They share passwords with colleagues; they share work devices with others without supervision; they transfer files from their laptop to home computer; they use their corporate email address to subscribe to non-work related newsletters / sites; and if their boss says they can’t do something, […]

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Fake Update for Microsoft Outlook/Outlook Express (KB910721)

On the 22nd June I posted about the importance of securing the human element in an organization, and in that same week, the universe, or more correctly cyberspace, decided to provide a real world example of some of the points that I raised. There was an email being circulated about an update released by Microsoft for […]

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Email Archiving Technologies

Email archiving is important for organizations that have to comply with legislation and regulations regarding the archiving of electronic mail for eDiscovery reasons and other legal issues. Therefore deciding which email archiving technology to implement is a significant financial decision for any company. Email archiving helps to: manage email server resources efficiently allow virtually unlimited […]

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Podcast: Investing in security for SMBs

David Kelleher, communications and research analyst at GFI Software discusses how GFI are helping SMBs to recognize the importance of investing further in their security. The main cause of the problem lies in the attitude that SMBs have towards security, because they believe that cybercrime only affects large enterprises. Most SMBs install anti-spam and anti-virus […]

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GFI MailEssentials and Sender Policy Framework (SPF) – what is it and how does it work? (Part 2)

In Part 1 of this post we examined how SPF works. Now we’ll go into how to create and publish SPF records. Creating an SPF record for your domain The procedure outlined below can be divided into several stages: Determine domain name which is used to send emails to the internet Determine the public IP […]

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GFI MailEssentials and Sender Policy Framework (SPF) – what is it and how does it work? (Part 1)

The Sender Policy Framework (SPF) is a community-based effort that requires senders to publish their mail server in an SPF record. This record is used to detect forged senders. How does SPF work? The basic idea behind Sender Policy Framework (SPF) is simple: whenever an email is received a check is made to see if […]

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Helping SMBs take definite steps to face security threats

It’s not always easy for a business to survive in a cutthroat market, especially one that is going through an economic downturn. Therefore, when already hard on cash, and striving to maintain revenues and profits, the last thing that a business wants to worry about is security issues. It is therefore imperative that one safeguards […]

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