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GFI MailEssentials and Sender Policy Framework (SPF) – what is it and how does it work? (Part 1)

The Sender Policy Framework (SPF) is a community-based effort that requires senders to publish their mail server in an SPF record. This record is used to detect forged senders. How does SPF work? The basic idea behind Sender Policy Framework (SPF) is simple: whenever an email is received a check is made to see if […]

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Helping SMBs take definite steps to face security threats

It’s not always easy for a business to survive in a cutthroat market, especially one that is going through an economic downturn. Therefore, when already hard on cash, and striving to maintain revenues and profits, the last thing that a business wants to worry about is security issues. It is therefore imperative that one safeguards […]

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Taking Security Seriously

In today’s world one can claim that nearly any organization to operate needs an IT infrastructure. It can be a simple system such as a basic point of sale for a small corner shop to a full fledged IT infrastructure working across continents joining international organizations into one cohesive structure. All systems, be it the smallest up to the largest have one thing in common, they all want to simply get the job done.

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Welcome to the New GFI Software Blog

Welcome to the brand new GFI Software Blog, Talk Tech To Me, which we are launching today. Throughout 2009, we have been focusing heavily on further enhancing our communications with our customers, partners and the community in which we operate – and this is another exciting step in that process, with the goal of becoming a […]

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