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Yahoo and Facebook privacy woes, Google focuses on Photo Mart

Monday Tech News: This week we talk about privacy or what is left of it; a new photo service from Google that is free and there are no strings attached for once; and why the drop of PC sales doesn’t mean people are not using them.

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Ten free sources to learn IT security

If you’re looking to improve your information security expertise the Internet is the place to go for fast, good and cheap training.

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Don’t flip your bit – is RAM the next attack vector?

Hardcore hacking takes more than using an existing exploit, changing a few lines and releasing it and bit-flipping takes hacking to a whole new level.

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Cybersecurity awareness: a waste of time?

We spend a lot of time talking about patch management, vulnerabilities and policies, yet we seldom talk about an important aspect of security; the people on your network.

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Breaking Bad Ransomware – Don’t Fall Prey

In a recent post we talked about profitable hacking and how hackers make their money. Ransomware is one of the tactics and Breaking Bad is its latest example

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Bad election machine gets voted down

Elections the world over can be sketchy affairs, but how bad is it when the voting systems themselves can be so easily hacked?

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Seven ways to get rid of crapware and bloatware

The software you meant to install wasn’t flying solo. It had passengers, and one of those NEXTs you clicked installed something you really don’t want. Now what?

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Who’s being naughty at work today?

Apart from the obvious issue of time wasting, watching porn at work may also open up the employee’s work network to malware infections.

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IT insiders: The data breach you never expected

IT is at the forefront of protecting company data and is on guard against threats from the outside and in, but what happens when the threat is IT itself?

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Bad botnet, bad! The 12 worst botnets of the past decade

Here’s a rundown of the Dirty Dozen of highly visible and highly damaging botnets, spewing spam, knocking companies, or even entire countries, offline in the past decade.

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