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White Hat Hackers – the forgotten good guys

Last week we discussed why hackers do what they do. Today we will be looking at ‘white hat hackers’ and why most of the time they are the forgotten good guys in the IT world.

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Profitable Hacking

There are many reasons why people start hacking. Some do it for the thrill; others do it as a learning experience. Some do it for money. So how do hackers make their money?

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Apple Watch – a new wrist-bound threat?

Apple Watch, this intelligent little bracelet, is every bit wearable tech and IoT, and it comes with all the security risks of every other IoT device.

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Beware: Spam, scams and phishing this St Patrick’s day

Scammers just love big, national celebrations. Tomorrow is St Patrick’s Day. That means money, targeted scams and digital trickery.

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March 2015 – Microsoft Patch Tuesday

March is looking fierce when it comes to Microsoft patching. If you were hoping for a light load this time, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but we’re looking at a whopping fourteen security updates on this Patch Tuesday.

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The Pitfalls of Interpreting Vulnerability Data

There is no way to determine a platform’s security based on raw data, as that data needs to first be put into context, applied to a scenario, and interpreted

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The best 35 information security blogs to follow

Whether you prefer bookmarks, RSS feeds, or mobile readers, keeping up with information security trends and developments is made infinitely easier through the work of great bloggers.

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Cyber Security Survey: Fear of cybercrime up 66 percent in US

An independent study commissioned by GFI Software examining the business and societal impacts of cyber security issues, reveals stark concerns over the increasing personal and business risks posed by cybercrime and the growing likelihood that cybercrime acts will escalate to physical retaliation.

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Kaspersky Labs reports on unprecedented cyber robbery

The details were revealed this week in a report from Kaspersky Labs, which first got involved in tracking down how the attacks were happening back in 2013 when an automatic teller machine in Kiev was compromised in a high profile incident in which the ATM began to dispense money without any user action.

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Is there a severity greater than critical?

It’s Patch Tuesday again and it’s really time you paid attention. A lot of attention. MS15-011 covers a security issue that, were I in charge of the ratings names, I would rate as Super-critical – because of the potential for exploitation more than its potential impact. If you have anyone taking a domain-joined workstation outside the corporate network, patch it now.

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