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IT automation comes to the rescue for sysadmins

With too many routine tasks, such as patch management and network auditing, there’s little time left for IT teams to lead in innovation. Fortunately, automation tools come to the rescue.

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Your employees: The most important layer of security

Layered security, sometimes called defense in depth, is a security strategy that involves multiple, overlapping and complementary protections to help ensure the safety and security of critical systems and data.

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It’s time to talk about an internet usage policy.

All of us should have an Internet Usage Policy, and if you don’t, it’s well past time for you to do something about it!

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Third Party Patch Roundup – October 2016

October is the month that kicks off the holiday season, but for IT professionals the “update party” never stops, with Chrome bringing even 21 security fixes this month.

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Security improvements in Windows Server 2016

Security has been a key topic at Microsoft for some time, and its new Windows Server operating system with its new features is at the very heart of this strategy.

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“I may be an ‘uppity admin’, but at least I still have a job”

Sysadmins are often pressured by pushy and arrogant users trying to break out of the boundaries of established policies. This is a story of an IT admin who got even.

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The most important new features in Windows Server 2016

We went into more detail about container integration, improved headless edition, nested virtualization and PowerShell improvements in the new Microsoft server OS.

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Microsoft Patch Tuesday – October 2016

This Tuesday’s update addresses 49 vulnerabilities within 10 security bulletins, of which five are rated as critical, and four of them are zero-day flaws.

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Microsoft Patch Tuesday has changed and now all patches are delivered at once

Your monthly sysadmin routine will change with the introduction of a slightly different Microsoft Patch Tuesday, shifting to a model where all patches are delivered at once, in a single package.

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Let’s make 2016 the year of 2FA

There is one small, little, thing that could make the difference between a secure infrastructure and front-page news – it’s how you authenticate!

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