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23 network security mistakes that could get you fired

Depending on your boss, the impact to company or customer and seriousness of a mistake, some can be career-limiting or, even worse, send you back to the job market before you even know it. Let’s take a look at those network security mistakes that could get you fired.

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GFI MailEssentials wins 5th VBSpam+ award from Virus Bulletin

In the January 2015 round of testing, GFI MailEssentials had a spam catch rate of more than 99% and 0 False Positives, thus winning a 5th VBSpam+ award.

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Patch management could save you big bucks… and a fine

We all know that patching is something we should do. Some of us even consider it something we must do. But I don’t think any of us consider how much it could cost us if we didn’t, so take heed of the following object lesson. Anchorage Community Mental Health Services (ACMHS) was fined US $150,000 […]

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Choosing the right patch management software

A recent Ponemon Institute study estimates it costs businesses $214 per single, compromised record — so just imagine what it would cost if thousands of records on your system were compromised. Add to that the impact on reputation, lost business and potential legal ramifications and it is easy to see the additional value provided by […]

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