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February 2021 Patch Tuesday Roundup

After a many-months hiatus, we’re back with the monthly summary of security updates released by Microsoft for its array of consumer and enterprise products. The world has changed since my last post on this topic almost a year ago, but if anything, computers and the Internet have become even more important parts of our lives. […]

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If you’ve had a security breach…10 steps you need to take

Companies think about improving their security technology after an attack or worse, a security breach. Small and medium businesses are not immune—two-thirds of SMBs have faced cyber-attack. Better to put up a stronger defense now with solutions like Unlimited|Network Security. However, if you do find yourself compromised, you can work towards repairing your reputation. This […]

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Detect SolarWinds Orion breach

As mentioned in the previous post about GFI LanGuard as an alternative patch solution to SolarWinds Orion, this follow-up provides details about how GFI LanGuard can be used to locate devices and detect the SolarWinds Orion product versions which were exploited in the breach.   To do this we will first examine a bit about the […]

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Patching alternative to Solarwinds Orion

With the recent directive issued by the US CISA to disconnect or power down SolarWinds Orion, it is important to note that simply powering down does not help in the continued protection of the networks, operating systems, and applications which run on these networks.   GFI would like to extend an invitation to assist anyone affected […]

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COVID-19 Exposes the Need to Shift to Online Faxing

Recently, we read an article in the New York Times that detailed how the Fax Machine is causing a bottleneck for the U.S. coronavirus response because of their reliance on the old, yet still much needed fax technology. Our hearts go out to all the frontline healthcare workers who are battling COVID-19 day after day […]

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January 2020 – Microsoft Patch Tuesday

The new year is here, and it traditionally brings with it the opportunity to start over, to clear the slate and do things differently. If you’re an IT pro and you’ve been lax in applying security updates in 2019, this is the perfect time to make a New Year’s resolution to stay on top of […]

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Third Party Patch Roundup – December 2019

December is a magical month, for children and adults alike. It’s the beginning of winter, when – in many places at least (not usually here in north central Texas) blankets of soft white snow cover the landscape and ordinary houses and trees take on a pristine, other-worldly look. It’s the time for holiday celebrations that […]

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2019 Cybersecurity Incidents: What Did We Learn?

Should AULD attack types be forgot and never brought to mind? As I sit writing this article on New Year’s Eve, that’s the song that’s running through my mind. It’s inevitable that my thoughts are centered on what this past year brought us in terms of device, network, and cloud security. That includes both the […]

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December 2019 – Microsoft Patch Tuesday

December is here already and ‘tis the season to be jolly – but not so jolly that we forget to stay vigilant and on guard against the attackers who want to send us the wrong kind of gifts. Unfortunately those who look for software vulnerabilities to exploit rarely take the holiday off, so it’s still […]

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Third Party Patch Roundup  – November 2019

Here in the United States, November brings us falling leaves, cold fronts that drop the temperatures – sometimes precipitously – and Thanksgiving, a day of gratitude, family gathering, and eating lots and lots of turkey (at least in theory). Of course, November also brought its share of data breaches, malware infestations, and newly discovered vulnerabilities. […]

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