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GFI August patch roundup: Fixes from non-Microsoft vendors

August was a light month for patches from non-Microsoft vendors including, Adobe, Linux, and Google, but several critical flaws should get your attention.

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Ransomware-as-a-service: The future is bright — for cybercriminals

Ransomware-as-a-service is the next big threat facing companies large and small because destructive exploits are now available to anyone.

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Microsoft August Patch Tuesday Roundup: 44 vulnerabilities, 7 critical

August was a relatively light month for Microsoft vulnerabilities, but Patch Tuesday has fixes for several exploits, including — yet again — PrintNightmare.

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GFI Patch Central: Cyberattacks spur flurry of patches from Apple, Google, Linux and more

July was a hot month for cyberattacks, and software makers issued numerous patches. We’ve already looked at patches from Microsoft, so here is a rundown of fixes from other vendors.

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Crucial cybersecurity expenses not getting the budget they deserve

While the most obvious cybersecurity expenses get most of the attention and most of the budget love, it is important that your company not ignore the not-so-obvious ones.

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Vishing attacks on the rise with newest campaign

Even as phishing attacks continue to be a major problem, a related scam is gaining traction. Vishing is on the rise, so be on guard.

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Microsoft July 2021 Patch Tuesday Roundup

As the temperatures hit triple digits in parts of the world in July, so did the number of fixes rolled out in Microsoft July Patch Tuesday.

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Reduce your risk of being hit by a ransomware attack

Ransomware is growing at an alarming rate — and for many companies, an attack is inevitable. But a good ransomware defense can minimize the damage.

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GFI Patch Central: Third-party patch roundup for June

Microsoft Patch Tuesday is always a major event for IT admins, but patches from other vendors are also critical to keep systems safe.

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Cybersecurity News Roundup: Major infrastructure cyberattack, ‘catastrophic’ ransomware incident, big insurer hacked

A ransomware attack on Colonial Pipeline forced the company to shut down a vital fuel pipeline for five days.

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