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Top cyber stories for July 2019

Top cyber stories for July 2019   No jail time for malware author turned WannaCry hero   Marcus Hutchins, the security researcher credited with averting the WannaCry worm but later accused of creating malware himself, has been released from the threat of jail with a “time served” sentence.   Hutchins’ name hit the headlines in […]

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3rd Party Patch Roundup – July 2019

Patch Central – Third Party Patch Roundup  – July 2019 As July comes to an end, summer is winding down in most of the northern hemisphere. Parents and children in many areas are starting to prepare for the beginning of a new school year.  Parts of Europe will soon be experiencing “August shutdown” as many […]

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July 2019 – Microsoft Patch Tuesday

Patch Central We’re now well into the long, hot summer of 2019 and many of us would like nothing more than a day at the beach with a refreshing drink and the ocean breeze blowing our hair. For most of us, though, today is not that day. As usual on the second Tuesday of the […]

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Hacks, cracks, and malware attacks – July 2019 

Each month, we’ll take a look at what’s happening on the front lines of the battle against various types of cyber-attacks, new variants of malicious software, phishing and other scams, vulnerability exploits, and other threats to the security of your networks, systems, and data.  There was a time, not so long ago, when the only […]

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Are you ready to power up your business network?

Network configuration used to be a never-ending task for IT admins.  Configuring each branch office network would have required manual setup and most likely, an on-site technician to do it.  The same applies for any changes. If you decide to install teleconferencing at your branch offices, your technician (or third-party expert hired to help with […]

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Third Party Patch Roundup  – June 2019

Patch Central Third Party Patch Roundup  – June 2019 As June comes to an end and we slide into the second half of this year that has gone by so quickly, security remains a number one concern for IT pros with a number of municipalities in Florida hit by cyberattacks, telcos around the world losing […]

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June 2019 – Microsoft Patch Tuesday

Patch Central JUNE 2019  – Microsoft Patch Tuesday   The month of June is infamous in the northern hemisphere for many things – weddings, summer vacations, school recess. It also contains the longest day of the year, and the end of the month marks (roughly) the halfway point on the journey toward yet another new year. […]

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Third Party Patch Roundup – May 2019

Patch Central Third Party Patch Roundup  – May 2019 May brought stormy weather to much of the United States, with at least twenty-five “tornado events” occurring across multiple states. Luckily, the majority were considered relatively weak (F0 or F2 rating on the Fujita scale).   Meanwhile, IT professionals continue to weather the virtual storms of […]

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May 2019 – Microsoft Patch Tuesday

May  2019 – Microsoft Patch Tuesday April showers bring May flowers, and April security vulnerabilities bring May patches. This month’s updates from Microsoft are, as usual, detailed in the Security Update Guide, which lists over 2000 line items for the May 14 releases – although, of course, many of these are repetitions of the same […]

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GFI – top cyber stories for April 2019

GFI – top cyber stories for April 2019 Another month, another raft of privacy and security blunders at world-straddling social media giant Facebook. Following up on a problem first admitted by the firm in late March, where a security review turned up the passwords of “hundreds of millions” of users being stored in plain text, […]

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