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You just lost yourselves £500,000 for being reckless

The Information Commissioner’s Office in the UK, thanks to new powers that came into force last week, can now impose a fine of up to £500,000 on organizations that recklessly lose data. The three words, ‘of up to’ are significant here and we really need to see what criteria will be adopted to quantify a […]

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The tale of Gray Powell and the lost iPhone 4.0

Malware creators love a juicy news story Malware creators just love a news story that has the perfect ingredients: a leading brand name, a prototype phone and a thriving IT community just dying to hear what the latest gadget is going to be. One Apple employee, named as Gray Powell, was unfortunate enough to forget […]

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Twitter in the workplace – the threats

Twitter was named ‘word’ of the year in 2009 confirming the growth of a social networking and media site that is used by over 350 million people worldwide. However, Twitter is also gaining a reputation as a security risk for individuals and organizations. Cybercriminals follow social networking sites with a passion because they see in […]

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The Hybrid Approach – giving SMBs the ‘best of both worlds’

Small and medium-size businesses (SMBs) can benefit a great deal from Cloud-based services but this does not mean they have to do away with their existing infrastructure. On the contrary, careful planning, a thorough understanding of what the business and infrastructure needs are, and applying GFI’s newly announced Hybrid Approach to the decision making process […]

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Win a copy of GFI MailEssentials with

Spam has long been an affliction for everyone with an email connection, so Paul Cunningham over at is holding a Spam Free 2010 contest in collaboration with GFI Software and giving away two license packs of GFI MailEssentials™. Two people have the chance of winning either the first prize which is a 50 user […]

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All GFI mail server-based products support Microsoft Exchange 2010.

We’re pleased to announce that all our mail server-based products, namely GFI FAXmaker, GFI MailSecurity, GFI MailEssentials and GFI MailArchiver, support Microsoft Exchange 2010. The new Exchange Server has been designed to help users achieve new levels of reliability and performance by delivering features that simplify administration, protect communications, and meet user demands for greater […]

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Five reasons to implement Internet monitoring in your organization

I recently had an interesting conversation with the editor of a non-profit business publication in the US. We were talking about the results of a recent survey that GFI had commissioned and the editor seemed somewhat surprised that so many security threats existed. I wasn’t in the least surprised and I’m sure a lot of […]

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Employees are prepared to steal company data!

In a previous post, I had talked about two employees who are charged with having allegedly gained access to their former employer’s network even though they had left the company a couple of years before. This week a former employee with United Way in Miami was sentenced to 18 months in jail and fined $50,000 […]

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Google searches, Cyber Monday and the Holiday season

If you are a Twilight fan and eagerly looking forward to the latest movie, New Moon, watch for a viral marketing campaign that is currently doing the rounds on the Internet. USA Today reported this week that scammers and malware creators are trying to exploit fans’ eagerness to get information, clips and so on related […]

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When employees bite back – Security in organizations

Two men in Indiana, US are facing up to five years in prison and a quarter of a million dollar fine after they were allegedly caught using old passwords to gain access to the company’s network even though they were no longer employed there. Federal authorities said the two men had left their jobs in […]

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