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Enter to Win $999 Free SMB Nation Pass: Oct 2nd – 4th, in Las Vegas

GFI Software is coming to SMB Nation in Las Vegas and you are invited! Visit to register and enter gfi to receive an additional 10 percent discount to the show. GFI will be at booth #327. We are also holding a contest where you can win a free pass to the show – email […]

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People do reply to email spam

I sometimes wonder how spammers can be so successful in what they do. They send out millions of emails every day promising the world – get rich offers, a pile of cash waiting just for you to claim ownership, pills and creams that work wonders, financial advice and dozens of other schemes and offers. Junk, […]

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10 Security Threats to an Organization – Part 2

When looking at the first five security threats that can hit an organization we dealt with the harmful effects of spam, viruses and malware and how monitoring your network and investing in patch management is an effective way of preventing such threats from attacking your network and infecting your machines. Not all threats are external, and not all […]

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10 Security Threats to an Organization – Part 1

Every organization is aware of the importance of security – security of the building, security for employees and financial security are all a priority; however, an organization comprises many other assets that require security, most notably its IT infrastructure. An organization’s network is the lifeline that employees rely on to do their jobs and subsequently […]

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Security policies: making them work for you – Part 2

In the first of this two part article, the discussion centered around the creation of IT security policies and why there often is strong resistance to their existence and implementation. Successfully implementing IT security polices goes beyond the technology and encompasses an understanding of organizational structures and workplace psychology. In the second part, I will […]

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Security policies: making them work for you – Part 1

Every organization has its own rule book or set of procedures that management or HR expects employees to follow religiously. These ‘rules’ stipulate when employees are to start and finish work; when they can take their lunch break or how many days of leave they are entitled to, and so on. Bar the usual exceptions, […]

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The Benefits of Integrated Network Faxing

Faxing is sometimes seen as an outdated procedure in today’s world of email; however, there are still many companies that rely on their fax machine and correspond with their clients via fax. If one of your suppliers is one of these people, then you’re aware of their dependency on fax, but are you going to […]

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Security awareness: taking the first steps

In a previous post, I talked about the importance of security education and awareness programs for employees. If you are an IT administrator or a business owner reading this blog you may feel that in theory this is great and makes sense, but in real life, resources and time are precious commodities that could be used on […]

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Podcast – Educating Employees about Security Awareness

David Kelleher, communications and research analyst at GFI Software is back this week discussing the need for companies to educate their employees on basic security principles. In last week’s podcast, David touched upon what GFI are doing to help SMBs stay secure. Employees need to be educated about security because they are the people who […]

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Security education: ineffective or the wrong approach?

Employees don’t give two hoots about security or security policies. They share passwords with colleagues; they share work devices with others without supervision; they transfer files from their laptop to home computer; they use their corporate email address to subscribe to non-work related newsletters / sites; and if their boss says they can’t do something, […]

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