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3 common network problems and how to fix them

Nothing is more annoying than a slow connection. They say if you want to test a new relationship, put that person in front of a computer that is working at a snail’s pace and see how they react. That is a true test of patience.

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Hottest cybersecurity stories that shook the world in February

With so much cybersecurity news flying around, it is hard to keep track of the bigger stories that emerged. Here is the GFI security round-up of the three top cybersecurity stories of February 2018.

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Security and compliance: Related but different

In the IT world, security and compliance are frequently mentioned in the same breath. While the two seem to be joined at the hip in this regulation-heavy era, it’s important to understand that the concepts are not synonymous.

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Top 10 Security Precautions when using Social Networking Sites

It is impossible and illegal to stop employees from using social networking sites 24/7 and even if it were legal it wouldn’t be a good idea as it could easily alienate your employees. The best course of action is to educate your employees about the best way to stay safe on social networks. Below is […]

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11 ways to protect your backups

A disaster in your datacentre is more likely than you think, and whether it comes from a site disaster, or a user falling victim to ransomware, you can always rely on your backups.

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To reboot or not reboot, that is the question

We either reboot our servers because that’s what we’ve always done and it’s worked out okay so far, or we don’t because the very idea is an affront to our technical sensibilities.

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Power plays: Addressing mobile computing’s top problem

The benefits of “anytime, anywhere accessibility” can’t be realized when power-hungry devices are out of commission due to a dead battery.

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Explaining IT investments to your CXOs

Need to convince the big bosses that your IT budget makes sense? If you have to go in front of a CxO and try to explain why the company needs to invest in IT, here are some tips to help you close the deal.

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Windows Server 2016 – Thoughts so far

It’s been almost 9 months since Windows Server 2016 hit General Availability, and hopefully by now you have had the time to test it in your environment and start to deploy it in production.

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Hoopy froods unite – 77 great quotes for Towel Day

Happy Towel Day, fellow hitchhikers. And if you happen to be a strag*, we hope you have found your towel. ‘What is it with towels?’ you may ask. Fans of the ultra geeky, ultra absorbing The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy will know that Douglas Adams had a few things to say on the subject […]

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