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57 technical terms that all true geeks should know

Every culture and trade has its own secret language known only to the initiates, but in today’s post we’re going to look at 57 of the oddest/strangest/most obscure terms we use in what, to us, is everyday language.

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The new internet threat on the block: cryptojacking

A new type of malicious attack is worming its way across the internet and it is only going to get bigger. This threat is not designed to cripple systems like a DoS attacks, nor is it designed to hold you sensitive files hostage in exchange for payment as ransomware, though the threat is indeed all about making money.

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IT initiatives to include in your plans this spring

The new year has come and gone. Now that your company’s budget is on track, it’s time to start cleaning house (or your network) with IT initiatives that will protect your business from a malware attack and organize your data.

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GFI Unlimited: What’s in it for our customers

GFI Unlimited is a game-changing subscription that unlocks a library of network security and communication solutions. Learn more about the benefits and why you should switch to GFI Unlimited.

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Access it all with GFI Unlimited

Introducing GFI Unlimited, a brand new subscription that is game-changing in its simplicity and revolutionary in its value. Find out how you can access a library of network security and communication solutions today!

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The most vulnerable players of 2017

History has shown us that as the years go by, malware attacks are constantly on the increase and 2017 was no exception. Data compiled from the National Vulnerability Database (NVD) showed that 2017 had the highest number of vulnerability entries and with GDPR  just around the corner, we now have to keep in mind that security breaches also come with more stringent legal complications and the possibility of fines.

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When good patches go bad and how to troubleshoot them

It’s inevitable, with software vendors rushing to get them out and installed before large numbers of computers are victimized, that some updates will be released with bugs that cause problems.

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3 common network problems and how to fix them

Nothing is more annoying than a slow connection. They say if you want to test a new relationship, put that person in front of a computer that is working at a snail’s pace and see how they react. That is a true test of patience.

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Hottest cybersecurity stories that shook the world in February

With so much cybersecurity news flying around, it is hard to keep track of the bigger stories that emerged. Here is the GFI security round-up of the three top cybersecurity stories of February 2018.

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Security and compliance: Related but different

In the IT world, security and compliance are frequently mentioned in the same breath. While the two seem to be joined at the hip in this regulation-heavy era, it’s important to understand that the concepts are not synonymous.

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