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21st Century Heists – Part 3

After previously taking a look at the various methods employed to steal money the hi-tech way, below are some considerations, tips and closing thoughts about how to avoid becoming a victim to these schemes. Nowadays a robbery is no longer exclusively about guns and taking people hostage, well at least not in the literal sense. […]

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21st Century Heists – Part 2

We previously discussed how robberies and theft used to be carried out in the past and how this has evolved in time. Now we will continue discussing modern ways that malicious people have employed in order to steal money. Skimming Technology has long played a part in most modern Hollywood movies, yet it’s not just […]

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21st Century Heists – Part 1

The world is evolving. Remember a time when to make a phone call meant having to find the closest pay phone or going home to a landline?  How about a time when there was no such thing as a television? Nowadays it is possible to make a phone call whilst in the middle of the […]

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Fake Update for Microsoft Outlook/Outlook Express (KB910721)

On the 22nd June I posted about the importance of securing the human element in an organization, and in that same week, the universe, or more correctly cyberspace, decided to provide a real world example of some of the points that I raised. There was an email being circulated about an update released by Microsoft for […]

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Securing an IT Infrastructure

Security is a very broad subject and unfortunately one that doesn’t deal in absolutes.  There is no magic pill, no consultant who can tell you just use this and you’ll be totally secure, and if they do, then they’re not being honest. Security is all about compromise; it’s a compromise between level of security, level […]

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Security: The Human Element

One aspect of security that is often overlooked is the Human Element. People are a factor in IT infrastructure and as such are also a possible attack vector. Business organizations should take this aspect of security as seriously as any other which can be achieved through training and adequate policies. There are many ways as […]

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Computer Security in the News

Viruses, Trojans, worms, spyware, malware, rootkits, phishing, botnets, cross-site scripting, vulnerabilities… the list of buzzwords goes on. These words all mean something to us in the security arena, but for the general public they’re just  indistinguishable words that geeks use. Every few months, some new threat sparks up in the news and every other journalist […]

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The current and future SPAM storms

You may already be familiar with SPAM emails that contain just one sentence about weight loss; Oprah and the infamous Acai berries. What is interesting about this current spam storm is that the spammer did not try to bypass any anti-spam filtering technologies. Surely, most products would have filtered such email as spam. Hence, the question to pose is ‘What is the aim of such spam?’

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Taking Security Seriously

In today’s world one can claim that nearly any organization to operate needs an IT infrastructure. It can be a simple system such as a basic point of sale for a small corner shop to a full fledged IT infrastructure working across continents joining international organizations into one cohesive structure. All systems, be it the smallest up to the largest have one thing in common, they all want to simply get the job done.

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Conficker, at the airbase and hospital near you…

Old news: Fighter jets grounded, base infected with Conficker! Recent news: Hospital equipment infected by Conficker worm! What? How can a supposedly secure environment like a military installation or a hospital catch a worm? Panic everywhere. Why is everyone so scared of Conficker? The worm basically does nothing! It only tries to dig in and […]

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