Ronin, an IT-services provider from Fresno, California, is a fast-growing cloud-services business built on Kerio and the Cloud. They provide hosted email and phone services via a large fibre connection with 99.99% uptime.

Jony Holt, Founder of Ronin, sees Kerio as a business opportunity bursting with potential. For an IT organization with ambition, Kerio products can be transformative. “In this business you’re a fish in a very big sea,” he says. “To stand out, you have to be different – you have to make your offer compelling. Luckily Kerio gives you a great framework to work with.”

Jony started with Kerio Connect: “I took to Kerio Connect for email and messaging straight away,” he recalls. “I enjoyed it immensely because it was so easy to set up.” And, has since brought every Kerio product into his business.

It’s not just the products that Jony attributes to their success – it’s the people at Kerio that makes the company his ideal business partner. “Kerio is one of our very best partners. Support is absolutely fantastic, and available at all times. There’s always someone we can talk to directly.”

And, he’s also a fan of the training program: “Kerio University is great. It’s good that they test partners but, for a competent professional, the tests are easy. There’s nothing convoluted about Kerio: for ease of use, the difference between Kerio and other providers is like night and day.”

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